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Player Status Display, Defeat Bosses, Seems to stick at 5/15 bosses


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Despite completing many missions, it seems stuck at 5/15, and so never reaches the 15.

Presumably, this is either a bug, or there is extra criterion, I don't know about. Such as which bosses, mission minimum level, number of players, etc.



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That has fixed it for me. E.g. Plains Overlord C, has made it 6/15.


I was doing (smaller, end of block) "bosses" like the ones in Sleeping Warriors or Fight for Food, which don't seem to count.


So it's Defeat Gated/Teleporter-Bosses, rather than "Defeat Bosses". I suppose other players may understand that "bosses" ONLY means big-gated/Teleporter(cutscened). But I didn't.


So it's "Defeat cutscene/Bosses" rather than "Defeat Bosses", in my mind.

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1 hour ago, Aelphasy said:

Bosses list



The vitace or Svaltus are large ennemies.

From those 'definitions', you linked to, that is correct, they are NOT classified as bosses, so don't count. They are therefore classified as large-enemies.


I was WRONG then. I didn't kill any bosses, according to that definition.



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