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PSU Clementine Download Being Flagged as Unsafe.

Kissone Kinoma

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So whenever I try to download the .zip, it gets flagged as malicious software. I understand it could be a false positive, but I guess I'm being too cautious for my computer's safety as I literally get extremely depressed when my computer wont work and/or the internet is down. (I have an unhealthy need for a computer and internet).

I have played Clementine before, but that was many years ago, and I'm not sure if anything changed in terms of the software, or if Norton is being stupid (I don't even know why Norton is still active. I haven't renewed my sub for years cuz Windows Defender is better, and I cant even open the Norton software window to edit anything for whatever reason. It's just blank, or I can't click on anything.)

I can disable the Norton addon in my browser to download the game, so getting the download isn't the issue.

My concern is, is the download and its components safe?

I apologize for coming off as too cautious. I understand something like Clementine, a privately hosted server of a long shut down game, isn't going to be flawless, but errors are different from malicious content. I highly doubt any of the people running Clementine would put in malicious files, and again, I'm just being way too cautious.

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This is a fairly common occurrence, more with Defender, but I wouldn't be surprised if other anti virus software's flag the installer. If you're in our discord, you can see other people that had the same issue, but worked past it. As long as you're downloading Clementine from this forum ( see: Downloads ) then it's as clean as can be. Nothing has changed with Clementine on the client end in the past however many years, aside from a domain name update is all I can really recall.

The reason your anti virus may be flagging the installer is for a few reasons. Our launcher is susceptible to false positives because of the Windows Defender cloud-based detection, and we never got very far with Microsoft to resolve it. It went resolved for about 5 hours, actually, and then it came right back. This is a problem that's popped up quite viciously in the past year, not just with Clementine, either. Rest assured the launcher is clean, and most likely only gets flagged because of the optional mods it applies to the game client (custom resolution, faster start up, farther viewing distance, etc). Because it directly modifies game memory, it's seen as suspicious.

The other one is that the client is modified to point at the Clementine domain rather than the now defunct Sega domain. Essentially the game client is "tampered" with, so it too is suspicious. In reality, all that changed was the redirect, but it's enough to cause concern for most anti virus software's, which tend to go with "Better safe than sorry", which is fair.

You've got every right to be wary of it, and ultimately it comes down to whether you trust it or not. I can only really explain why it gets flagged, and leave the door open for you. It sucks that it's a problem we need to fight against, but unfortunately it is what it is right now.

Also, if your anti virus is going hard on it already then be ready for a bit more trouble down the road. The most common issue people run in to (again, see Discord if you have it), is that the client will open and close immediately from Defender blocking it.


If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free and I'll do my best to answer them when I can!

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I haven't gotten the download yet since I use a mobile hotspot for my internet and it's currently reached its max for the month so my upload and download speeds have been slowed. Whenever my net resets I will download and play Clementine again.

As for the Windows Defender, I'll just have to see whenever I get the client. For the Discord, I joined it, but couldn't do anything since I don't have a mobile phone linked to my account (which I have attempted but the process requires another software to get everything set up, so I just gave up). I suppose I could just use the Discord in a "read only" state.

I appreciate the response and insight. As I've said, I played Clementine a few years back and haven't had any issues with it. I was just checking in if anything drastic changed from when I last played. In fact last time I played, I was told that you guys were going to be doing some kind of update that would makes us have to remake our characters from scratch. Either way, I'm cool with starting all over, I just want to be back in one of my top favorite MMOs, in one of my favorite room designs in that MMO.

Thanks to you all, I can relive my "soaking in the atmosphere" memories (since my PC copies of base game and expansion wont run due to GameGuard, so I have to resort to the Xbox 360 copy I have, and since the expansion was an online exclusive purchase, I can't get it on Xbox, so I'm just limited to the base game.)

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Yay! I'm so glad that we have more than one link to the game's download than just mediafire. It's still haunts me that i almost i almost given up playing the game because i couldn't download the game at all.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Also when i installed the game, i had to turn off the antivirus, because it installed everything, without issue, but when i open the game, the antivirus just deleted my exe file x.x. So i've reinstalled, and made a while folder exception (Using Avast)

And i can safe to say, i have no virus over it what so ever. ❤️

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