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Community Mission Ideas


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On 8/23/2021 at 9:51 AM, Creinu said:

Lots of good ideas.

1.) Defend the city type missions where you fight in the actual cities.

2.) Make the rare missions (Forest, Caves, etc) permanent missions but with normal XP and drops instead of the "buffed" ones you get when they're rare.

3.) Incorporate enemies like Magashi and Ethan into S rank-type missions, or make them rare enemies. I saw on Youtbe where you fight Ethan and the guys from Moatoob in Ohtori Castle. Would be cool.

2. Sounds like a good idea, What if instead of just the basic rare missions, Every mission has a chance to become a rare mission, Like a flag that lets you run a boosted variant of that mission so that players have a easier time farming over all in multiple missions rather than the same basic ones.

3. That mission is called Ohtori encampment, Its a Gaurdians Advanced mission that has two parts, the second mission has ethan as a boss at the end with good exp/ reward drops from enemies and clear boxes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

How about missions that function base off the players needs?

Currently Rumbling Ruins, Vistors memory, And Evolutions path are great additions, but more importantly, they're missions you can do to work towards PAs.
Especially VM, as you can trade for megispheres for PA fragments, And the missions themselves have some decent rewards within them too to work towards. (I expect them to get even better on higher difficulties?)

If you could have more missions like this, Except for specific things like EXP/MP (together.) it would help players level and work towards something, They could be old event missions from the official server and have them on 5th floor like the current missions. 

Then there's also missions where you could work towards grinders potentially the new prototype grinders? while still offering decent mission rewards to look forward to.
One mission could focus on DA/EE grinders. another NV/SE grinders. etc. if the 15/15 idea was added in.

Another could be weapon attribute boosters, Which could offer some decent armor/ striking weapons/RCSMs as those are the only things that could apply to attributes with the upgrade device.

Each mission could also have their own unique materials players may want to craft some pretty powerful items, to keep it relevant, much like the current missions now. 

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This is a suggestion that I thought about while running the new missions and getting BT frags from the clear boxes at the end. Would it be technologically possible to award JP mission PA frags via a clear box at the end of the mission, the same way that BT frags and x-spheres are awarded? I'm still very much in the PA frag grind -> PA leveling grind loop and would absolutely love it if there were some way around that downer of a bug.

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  • 2 months later...

Why not do Goverment Missions like in PSO.

1-1:The SEED Attack

Location:Linear Line

Description:A Platform has been populated full of Creatures known as SEED-Forms as a result most of the Linear Line are shutting down defeat them all to access part of the Platform.

Enemies:Pannon (Level 1-3) Delsaban (Level 1-3) Sendillian (Level 2-3)

Rare Enemy:Rappy (Level 1-3)

1-2:Claiming Food

Location:Food Plant

Description:A Food Plant has been discovered however many SEED-Forms Are in the way so farmers had to close most of the Food Plant.

Enemies:Pannon (Level 3) Delsaban (Level 4) Sendillian (Level 4)

Rare Enemy:Rappy (Level 4)

1-3:An Actual Battle

Location:Food Plant

Description: Most of the Food Plant has been open but A SEED Form Leader has been spotted, Defeat it before it causes more havoc!

Enemies:Pannon (Level 4) Delsaban (Level 4-5) Sendillian (Level 4)

Rare Enemy:Rappy (Level 4)

Boss:SEED-Vance (Level 5)

2-1:Native Purity 

Location:Raffon Meadow

Description:A Meadow has been attacked by loads of native creatures destroy them before cause more havoc.

Enemies: Distova (Level 5) Koltova (Level 5) Polty (Level 5) Vahra (Level 5) Shagreece (Level 5)

Rare Enemy:Rappy (Level 5)

2-2:Koltovian Research

Location:Raffon Meadow

Description:Distova, A Creature that has been altered by the SEED, However a overgrown Koltova has been spotted in Raffon Meadow.

Enemies:Koltova (Level 5-6) Polty (Level 5-6) Vahra (Level 5-6) Distova (Level 5-6) Jarba (Level 7)

Boss:Gol Dolva (Level 12)

I will do more later.


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On 7/1/2021 at 3:49 PM, Marmalade said:

Hey, I wanted to make this topic for players to throw ideas into the pot for new missions. Generally, because I still need to put time in to figuring out more with mission functionality and the sort I figured something good may as well come from it. I'd like to know what kind of areas in the game people would like to see more missions of, whether it's lobby or mission scenery, as well as the kinds of enemies you think would be exciting to see more of. Obviously these are going to be basic missions, so nothing terribly crazy can happen with them (no cut scenes or scripted events). Just A to B, kill enemies, maybe a boss, and loot.

Want to see more Beach missions? Maybe more Moatoob missions? Let me know if you have any preferences.


Marm, you really need to clean up house with bunch of the staff.  It's a shame I know at least 30 people who refuse to come back to this game.  You have complete mutiny going on and people breaking Discord rules and banning the innocent ?

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It's totally incomprehensible why the staff even deleted my comment regarding Device Input lag.   If it network latency issue, I dont see the need to hide and delete my information as if a cover up and un-resovable issue in game

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Here’s another one:

Eternal Tower

Description:An ultimate VR Challenge has been set to take place in a Tower. Test your skills and and reach to the highest floor as you can.


Enemies:All Enemies with every element they have as well as other elements they have. (Except for Bosses) 


How would it work:Each floor starts out with Creatures that are maybe easy (Like in Floor 1 you start with some Badira) then it gets to more Enemies. Each 10th floor contains a Mini-boss floor.

Mini Bosses and there floors:

10th Floor:Jarba (Fire and Lightning)

20th Floor:Grass Assassin

30th Floor:Seed-Vance/Seed Vitace

40th Floor:Kamatoze (Ice and Light)

50th Floor:Gainozeros 

60th Floor:Bafal Bragga

70th Floor:Svaltus (Sometimes a Orgdus or Lutus Jigga can replace him if you’re lucky) 

80th Floor:Carriguine

90th Floor: Ubakrada (All 3 Elements)

100th Floor:Dilla Griena

110th Floor: Kog Nadd

120th Floor:Polavohra

130th Floor:Grinna Bete C (Or Grinna Bete S)

140th Floor:Gol Dolva

150th Floor:Shinowa Hidoki

160th Floor:Bead Groode

170th Floor:SEED-Ardite

180th Floor:SEED Argine

190th Floor:SEED-Venas

200th Floor:Renvolt Magashi

210th Floor:SEED-Helga


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