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Community Mission Ideas


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I would love a TTF or Respective Tomorrow remade PSU style with PSU monsters but they would definitely have to be events because how big they are. Then again I want to redo all the old events like MAG and Firebreak.


As far as regular missions I'd love to see of the following areas have more missions:

Cylez: Sacred Ark Crowley

Parum: Seabed RELICS, Inhelt Laboratory, Paracabana Coast

Neudaiz: Temple, Ohtori Castle

Moatoob: Crodog Jungle

Any of those areas especially those currently with just 1 mission. Actually I think I want seabed relics mission the most because I love the way sunken shine looks.


Enemies I'd like to see more of:

Ryutass, Zasharogan, Delph Slami, Bead Groode, AMF Heavy Infantry, Bafal Bragga, Rappy Gugg, Gainzeros


Bosses Id like to see more of:

Zoal Goug, Onmagoug, Magas Maggahna, De Rol Le, De Ragnus, Dark Falz 2nd Form

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I want to suggest that you should do the pa boost after/before event so that 1. People are not encouraged to lv up pas in said hard mission 2.might help with the player base after/before event.Oh and please fix beast mode formula also FOV slider would be cool.

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A couple of things that tend to be under-utilised in the official missions are multiple fields (like in SEED Express, where the first two blocks are in the Train maps, and block 3 is in AMF Metro Linear); and also mixing creatures from different regions in unexpected ways.

I'd like to see a mission that starts during a flight to one of the planets, where it's discovered there are SEED-forms on board; the final block is in one of the planet-based lobbies featuring a mix of native creatures and SEED-forms, as you aim to exterminate the SEED-forms to stop them from infiltrating the planet further. I'm not sure what mission areas could pass for the inside of a spaceship so this might be a non-starter if they don't exist, as it's difficult to explain away "we are getting the train through space" I guess.

Also I'd like to see new missions where the wiki page takes very little effort to put together

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I'd love to see some more missions in Moatoob and Neudaiz. I don't know how possible it is to do, but it would be so awesome to have missions that are out in the cities of each planet. Someone suggested Ohtoku City at night, HELL YES MAMA. It could even be an idea for some sort of event really. Liberating each city from SEED creatures, perhaps using some of the NPC models through the city as well?

Coming back to reality, it would be nice to see some more missions in Moatoob, W kugu Ajis Kugu maps, or even Lonely Laboratory lobby. But maybe there's somewhere else you could access the mission to spice it up? Towards the Tenora Works, or inside it?

Neudaiz, hear me out... Phantom Fissure map.. literally call it HELL. Lava Flows all over, YES. 🔥

Also with Neudaiz, Shitenkaku is a beautiful place, maybe the offering box could be phased through to access a door behind it for a mission? 👀  Incorporate Ohtori Castle into the blocks? Maybe even floating platforms with that view of Ohtoku City 
^Oh also, Parum. Foran Waterfall. Can we please have a mission where these boxes are? I don't remember this being open on official, but it's literally MADE TO BE SOME KIND OF LOBBY. 

Enemy-wise, let's just never have things that shoot. Like ever. pls n fank u.

Anyways, I'm getting carried away. The kid in me is like "we get a say in our favourite game as a kid?!" It would be so cool to design a map!

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I'd definitely like to see some of the underused lobbies get more love, specifically in Moatoob (and maybe something fancy around Rykros?) since other planets have more missions.

I'm always a fan of snow areas if we think Snowcap screamer isn't enough.

Biggest thing I'd love to see custom mission wise would be environments styled after previous PS titles, like Air Castle, or Ladea Tower for example.   Custom music to match would be killer too, if doable.

Also, SECONDED with those boxes behind Foran Waterfall.  Some kind of custom Parum Caves mission would be neat.

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a boss rush, with every single one of the bosses in a row

defend the base style missions could be fun too

maybe a tower defense style mission too if at all doable

maybe a few non com ones too, for those more into peaceful solutions

maybe some split path dungeons where you need to clear both sides... maybe have like a security switch which opens other path and they have your paths switch, but only stay open for like ten second or so... or whatever is easy for team, but impossible for soloist

any other no solo map concepts ya'lls can think of too

maybe one which has all the non event rare mobs are guaranteed to spawn, but never more than one type

could make some based off of phantasy star 1-4, yes the olllllld offline rpgs.

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While I’d like to see more missions using environments that aren’t used much, I mainly want to see every empty counter have at least one mission attached to it so I can do random loops around a planet; playing missions until I’m too tired or too bored.

Other than that, I like missions that force a split in the party. Something with two or three paths that need to all be completed for an S-Rank. It doesn’t even have to be only beatable as a party, unless you want max reward.

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Suggestion: Can we let Protranser have access to S-Rank Slicers in exchange for the S- Rank Sabers? 

As for the future progress of the game, I think the introduction of the prototype weapons was phenomenal. But I’d like to take it a step further in regards to how the original PSO weapon system was utilized. Instead of weapons being released every few updates that outclass them previous tier, how about applying base effects to weapons. 

Halarod Special Effect could be, “200% Range Increase Effect on Resta, Reverser, and Giresta; 200% Range Decrease on All Attack Spells”

Shigga Desta Special Effect, “Adds Level 3 Poison Status Effect to all Elemental Bullets; Lowers Shot all Elemental Damage by 8%”

Mugunruk Special Effect, “Adds Level 2 Zailure on hit, Damage Reflect on hit”

These are some examples of increasing the lifespan of all weapons, since in a year from now, no one is going to want to utilize the current tier of equipment in the game today. There’s obviously Pros/Cons and balancing to this, but I feel this helps mitigate being OVERPOWERED and the re-hashing of the feeling of old content to be suitable.


As for missions, as everyone has indicated, I’d like to see more people spread out instead of farming on Parum or Guardians Colony missions. Maybe make a randomize daily mission for the population to cycle through (randomized rates per day: 70% drop rate increase, meseta, PA, mission points, exp, or rare enemy spawn, etc.). There’s more than enough missions to cycle through and it’ll be great for players to really get a chance to go out and explore all the lobbies, content, and missions.

Next event I’d like to see is a MAG or Famitsu style event. Just hoards of enemies to kill and increase drop rates, looking for various rolls of weapons [I’m referring to the weapon mechanic mentioned above :)] . As cliche as it may sound, that’s what has made the PS games so great, the hunt for elusive equipment so you can hunt the next thing faster and better. 

Could we please get a monthly cycle of equipment from the casino to exchange our coins for?

Just a thought; Would it be hard if we could exchange Casino Gold Coins for Guardians Cash, to buy into the GC Missions?


Thank you Marm and the complete staff on this PSUC project. I just want you all to know how much you all are deeply appreciated for reviving such a beloved game.

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  • Moderators
On 7/5/2021 at 3:55 AM, kitemay said:

could make some based off of phantasy star 1-4, yes the olllllld offline rpgs.

I'd love to see a phantasy star 2 based mission with motherbrain as the boss, but not sure which area it would be in. Any ideas?

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Don't see what could be the map/layout that is close to Noah (PS2 final dungeon). But something based on Bio-systems lab with MB at the end could works :

Block 1 : Forest (Block 3 of Forest of Illusion, since the last part seems to go "underground", like the lab is hidden) by night (to make it different from the rare day time)

Block 2 : Aquatic Mama Block 1 with the colors of AMF/Military Subway

Block 3 : Sleeping Warriors last block, with grass instead of svaltus, colors of AMF/Military Subway

Again, depend on how far we can custom colors, spawn, having different block from different planet mission, etc.


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All of these are great ideas.  When playing on the original NA servers I remember getting competitive with other players as saying " Are team can finish this area faster then your team." We would run 5 man teams with the last member there team to observe the time so there would be no cheating.  I'm suggesting *TIME ATACK MODE* a way to brag and be competitive as a team rather then look at me flex at my 50% 10/10.... 



Backlash / PC AND clemintine 


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Not sure if it's possible but would like to see more enemy type variety, if it can be ported over from psp2 kind of like what Agrajag. was testing, It would further expand on the idea of custom missions, with things that not even the original PSU could have. I know its possible to replace an enemy but again, I don't really know to what extent this could be implemented (like would they have to completely overwrite existing enemies for full functionality, or can there be dummy slots for enemies to be replaced, changed and edited)I know there's enemies that don't have mechanics that PSP2 did so their functionality may be limited, but theres a good handful that do. 

I guess what I should ask is, how far can these custom missions go?

As for my suggestion: Can we have a certain list of missions(new or old.) That have a boost? Not to the same scale as an event, but make it Daily and have it on a rotation. Also, can those boosted missions also have a counter in GC? This idea is more along the lines of PSO2's Featured Quest system. but also to keep things more centralized so if people want to find a group, they can easily.

Another Idea is to bring back old event missions without the boost, to allow players to re-acquire old items, maybe with a new difficulty, and slightly relaxed drop rates on items that are clearly not as strong as they were at launch. this would allow players to also re-acquire those same items as prototypes, they could also have a new material type for trades too for new items? More stuff to farm, I hate seeing good missions die. 

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I was thinking of maybe an obstacle course of some kind.  This can have enemies out of reach that fire range/techs at you from an unreachable location (might be too complicated to create).  Can have 1 hit KO traps to dodge or carefully move around and mission rank/reward based on completion time or something of the sorts.

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Can we get a weekend randomized highlight boost mission on the weekend? The more people in your party, the higher boost drop rates which will help increase and stabilize player population (10% per member; 60% drop rate maxed)


Also maybe one weekend a month, a 2x PA Boost. Helps bridge the gap for  newcomers to catch up to us vets and daily grinders or let’s us vets experiment with different classes and photon arts to level.

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I would second the idea of an event that runs out of the Ajis Kugu oasis (alternatively, Foran Waterfall).  Perhaps something crashed in the desert/plains, and it's up to the various parties to recover pieces?  Typical in event stuff happens(like Illuminus Collusion).  Depending on the number of pieces recovered, post event rewards differ.  Rewards could include juke box discs, boards and materials for certain A-S ranked items,  A and S ranked weapons, boost items to improve grinding chances, etc.  Bosses include the typical Moatoob / Parum suspects.


A few suggestions for generic PSU:

Some missions need to be looked at and rebalanced (perhaps not the right word);  Most missions have 25 - 33 mobs per block;  Everybody's favorite starter mission, Unsafe Passage, has between 30-33 mobs per block.  There are outliers - Military Subway at the high end (300 total, or 60 per block), and Mad Creatures (at 19-20 per block).  Not saying the high end missions need to have less mobs, but rather, the low end ones need more.

Also, some missions could do with a bit more variety in mobs.  Using train rescue as an example, we have 2 simple rogues, 2 robots, and a mini-boss.  Add some of the axe and caster rogues, too (if possible).

Certain items need to have their chance of dropping reduced;  these include Perori Mate, Fruit Juice, Koltova Sandwich (the food consumables) and Omega Acid (I'm on my 4th stack in as many weeks;  my bot likes the various growth items I get, though).

Other types daily/weekly quests need to be added.  Collect Items, Weapons, Material, not just kill x monsters, but kill x levels of monsters.  Add PA xp multiplier boost items and so on.

(An idea would be a Dragon Slaying Quest :  Kill an example of each dragon type mob/boss.)

Training missions;  nerf xp and drops, but PA xp remains the same.  have 1000 small mobs, 500 normal mobs, 100 large mobs.  Level of mobs is dependent on player level.

Other variations on normal missions;  perhaps a 'treasure room' rare variant that has 4-6 boxes that drop certain items (which would depend on mission rank, of course).

Ideally, I'd like to get AI players (but that's not likely to happen), so I could get my two extra targets for buffs, since there are only a few scattered players when I log in to play, and rarely any buff parties (I've done solo buff leveling;  my eyes begin to bleed after a while. 😃  Again, this feeds back into PA xp boost items as daily/weekly quest rewards.

And finally, have rare mission award messages sent to your simple mail as well as an onscreen notification.  I've not seen two come up now (Nice to know I'm getting them, though).

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Lots of good ideas.

1.) Defend the city type missions where you fight in the actual cities.

2.) Make the rare missions (Forest, Caves, etc) permanent missions but with normal XP and drops instead of the "buffed" ones you get when they're rare.

3.) Incorporate enemies like Magashi and Ethan into S rank-type missions, or make them rare enemies. I saw on Youtbe where you fight Ethan and the guys from Moatoob in Ohtori Castle. Would be cool.

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I remember, at the end of a mission in Shred the Darkness, there was a room with a bunch of pannons that had severely overtuned HP. The idea was that you had a number of extremely spongey training dummies to smack around for PA exp for a while. I'd like to see that sort of concept make a comeback, though it probably needs some kind of limitations, like being event only or having an entry "key" requirement.

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