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Community Mission Ideas


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Hey, I wanted to make this topic for players to throw ideas into the pot for new missions. Generally, because I still need to put time in to figuring out more with mission functionality and the sort I figured something good may as well come from it. I'd like to know what kind of areas in the game people would like to see more missions of, whether it's lobby or mission scenery, as well as the kinds of enemies you think would be exciting to see more of. Obviously these are going to be basic missions, so nothing terribly crazy can happen with them (no cut scenes or scripted events). Just A to B, kill enemies, maybe a boss, and loot.

Want to see more Beach missions? Maybe more Moatoob missions? Let me know if you have any preferences.

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Safe Passage.
Where we fight light variant mobs
the level could have the cutscene textures we see on story mode before everything goes "unsafe"
also... some custom A rank knuckes with HP steal, if possible :615042073258885152:

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PSP2i area style maps (Fantastic Voyage, Red Hot Jungle and the snow cap map)  and the classic pso worlds (Rare mission zones). Something to slap SEED-Argine in since he only shows up in CoM, the end of Military Subway and rare parum mission.  The christmas mission you did where it moved from 1 map style to another was cool visually, same with the beach one with the time passing farther you go in. I personally like missions with lots of smaller enemies that you just kinda barrel through a bunch vs a few large enemies that toss you around. No more mizuras ever again please and thank you <3

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I'm always down for some more Neudaiz scenery. Maybe even a mission where you have to work your way through the forested islands for a couple blocks and the last block is defeating enemies in Ohtoku City at night, defending it during the Holy Light Festival or Fireworks. Also on that subject, we definitely need more night time skyboxes in missions like in Duel in the Ruins.

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I really like the Sunset version of the Parum meadow areas, as well as all the -tova style enemies (Koltova, Distova, Gol-Dova).

I also like the Saguraki CD and Habiaro FD zones for Neudiaz missions. As far as enemies, I like the Kamatoze, Boomas, and Tengoghs.

Moatoob-wise, I like Granigs Mine area, as well as the Galenigare Canyon area. Enemies I like from Moatoob are Jishagaras, Bul Bunas, and Drua Gohras.

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I know its a long shot considering the area drops but man I would love to see missions that take place in PSO areas.


Also more Ohtori Castle missions too!


Another idea is that I feel there needs to be some sort of limited mission that gives a crapload of exp. Something like the stars camp mission from JP so this can help new and returning players get caught up. Maybe something like the Bonus Key mechanic from PSO2?

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Foran waterfall. A custom mission where seed venas reside on relic type maps. (Citadel of sand could provide a good example) Along the way there will be stateria mobs (svaltus, cmon omega edge is annoying to find normally) with seed rygutass accompanying them. The venas would appear in two at the end and they both debuff immune.

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1) More beach maps and maps from JP only. I know I only got to play NA 360 so all of those areas are legit new content to me.


2) Maybe some massive little mob zone. Like dozen and dozens of Pannon/Volfu/Polty/Ageeta/and so on. Maybe some of the AMF/SEED/Rogue enemies too. Generally those low HP low threat mobs but they are threatening because there are so damn many of them.


3)If you really wanna challenge breaking stuff. A Clem exclusive Rare Mission.

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Some ideas I have in mind :

Solo missions (and "competitive" ? event only ? idk) : 

VR Guardians Challenge (random name, just focusing on the concept)

- Larges ennemis only

- Based on "futuristic"(to stick with the VR idea) maps so maybe Aquatic Mama B1 as B1(since room are enough big for larges) and Mines w/e the block as B2 and final block as Parum central (if that possible) but with swap color. Just some examples.

- Idea is to have a mission that gather all differents large ennemies (or a good amount, maybe we can have two missions of that kind, like on PSO with MA1, MA2...) with drops at end only (dunno if the idea good, but the purpose is to avoid having a spam of it for specific large ennemie's loot and make other missions useless)

- Competitive side : if event, something like MAG so based on numbers of kills. If regular, well maybe TA leaderboards ? But can be difficult since each type needs a separate lb...

Tower of presumptuous name (ya know, Eternity, Infinity or w/e)

- A lot of things are possible in terms of enemy or kind of scenery but key point is having a succession of small areas with few spawns in each, of 5-6 ennemies, no more. Could start with 3 badiras in the first floor, and ends with 2 jarbas for exemple

- The particularity of the mission (and the interest, but the concept could be used elsewhere) is there is no difficulties. A lv1 newman force 1 can play it. The key point is to measure your overall progress. Let say, if the tower is 30 floors, 1-4 are C floors, 5-9 B floors... and it ends with S2 (with the current state of the game, ofc it has to be dynamic but you get it). Let say we are at an endgame state, so the final floor could be lv200 ennemies with custom speed increase and/or various affix

- Many things are possible in terms of reward : pre-made loot at the end or at each stage (like floor 10 = 2x meseta boost tickets + 400k and/or one good beginner weapon...) and it could be reseted each month, 12x in a year you have a personnal challenge to do AND that could possibly motive you to spend money and not let the market dying (right ? ;) )

- It has to be difficult, at least in the last floors, otherwise it will kill the purpose of it...

- Competitive side is same as above but if like only a few cleared it, maybe not TA lb but just a "how far you can go", reseted monthly aswell.


New rares missions :

The Golden Ark

- Based on Holy Ground map (or any relics, but dunno how far you can customize the color) could be nice to have something, well, shiny/goldy ?

- Mesetas drops ONLY both foes and boxes. With a boost, like +1000% (or +750%, 1500%... idk, this have to be set accordingly to the current economy, what are the money sinks, etc....) drops could be determined also in a range of +100%/+1000% (like : you ran that rare mission in B, that thing give usually 150 mesetas, but this time it roll x2, x3... x10, so basically the rng is about % you will have)

- About the mission itself, should be similar to other rares (in term of blocks, ennemies numbers), with maybe custom effect on ennemies, like shiny aura, to remind that they are rich. Again a lot of things are possible, but the idea is to have another choice in rares missions for those who are broken or dont need loots in og rares.

The Grinders Keepeers

- Similar as above but with grinders basically. Speaks for itself, but if something drops, its base S or S+1/S+10 (higher is the grinders, lower is the drop rate). To make things a bit funky, why not add those infinity grinders too but with extremly low rate...

- About ennemies, feels like both droids and staterias would suit well somehow.


As for regular missions, there is like a lot of possibilities and same goes for events. Could think of more, but for now im ok with anything in terms of layout, maps or ennemies.


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Is it possible to create some kind of (communal) mission generator ?

A bit like the old Doom WAD level editors.

If so, anyone interested could create new missions, and we could let other players, enjoy playing them, the best/favorite ones could be kept on a semi-permanent or longer basis. I suppose a sort of regular competition, to create the most voted for (favorite) mission, that week/month.


What about a counter which randomly chooses among many (existing) missions, allowing nice surprises as to what and where, you will be playing at/with/against.


Rare missions are popular/enjoyable and a bit like a sort of very quick, one-off event. Maybe more rare-missions could be made available. Then they could be more generously handed out, and wouldn't mess up the 'game-balance' too badly. As they would only be given out, somewhat rarely.

Presumably. you could take existing missions and convert them to be a sort of new 'rare-mission'. I.e. bigger rewards, mission points etc,, and yet much easier monsters (low HP etc).


Maybe even a mechanism could be designed, which randomly (maybe 1% or 0.5% of the time a mission is started, but with an anti-cheat mechanism, so that only 100% completed (S-ranked) missions, re-throw the 1% dice). I.e. if you try and continually abort and restart a mission. it will NOT re-do the 1% dice again, until you next achieve an S-rank at the end of a mission (anti-cheat). It could send an email at the end of an s-ranked mission (like it does for things like 5 missions or 150 boxes, currently), so that players would know that the next mission they play, will be one of these special (rare like) missions.

They can then go off and choose their preferred mission, to play with the +300% bonuses. Obviously the exact figures, of 1% chance and +300% boosts, could be properly decided. I just put up some figures to show the concept.

So, when you get the 1% or 0.5% chance come up, it automatically changes that mission to be a sort of rare mission. I.e. Monster health down by 300% (relatively), drop rate up by 300%, meseta/MP up by 300%, etc. Drop rate +300%.


What about easier to follow missions, whereby you simply walk from completed area to area, without having a complicated maze of doors/paths/keys to find/follow. A bit like the first 2 blocks of Seed Express, or Train rescue.


Finally. What about an automatic 'mini-event' generator. Every 4 or 6 hours, the system automatically chooses one mission on the server(s). which gets special boosts, of say +25%. I.e. 25% less monster HP, +25% meseta and +25% EXP/mission points, +25% drop rate, etc etc. Then players are more likely to congregate at that particular place/mission. Hence making it easier and more likely for players to be able to enter team play and/or find/make friends and/or see other players milling about, somewhere.

It would also give players more incentive to explore more areas/missions on the servers.


A bit like the old 'White Beast' concept, but with the best/favorite area, continually changing every few hours (or chosen time period). But at least it would move players around the various locations and missions, available in the game, rather than it just being one place all the time.

One option would be to ONLY sometimes enable that mechanism. Making it a sort of event, of sorts, while it is running.



What about SPECIAL missions ?

E.g. There is a mission full of lots and lots of different enemy types, and a strict time limit, such as 10 minutes. You then kill as many monsters as you can in the ten minutes.

At the end of the mission (10 minutes), the total HP of all monsters killed is added up to give a SCORE. That SCORE is then used in a daily (or weekly) server wide score board. One for solo players and another for team play, or a single board but divide the final total score by the number of players in the team.

The player or team, who gets number 1 place in the leader board (total score divided by number of players, to kind of make it fair), at the end of the time period (end of mini-challenge-event), gets some kind of reward(s). Such as meseta.

Possibly 50% of first place prize, for second place, 25% for third place and nothing for anyone else.

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Is it possible to:

-include bil de golus?

-include bosses as regular enemies?

-have a teleporter spawn after killing a boss that takes you to a special room like in pso2?

       -With the teleporter idea, it will take you to a room that spawns mobs in groups and with every new spawn, the drop rate increases. The spawns can be static or random. There can be environmental hazards to make it more challenging like the poison mist from the Ruins rare mission or placed fire hazards or something.

-generate random elements in missions like the teleporter previously mentioned or a boss teleporter that includes another teleporter to port you back to the mission after you kill it?

-re-color enemy textures? Imagine seed-infected native creatures that actually look infected.

-randomize enemy spawns in missions so we're not fighting the same groups of spawns every time?

-include multiple bosses in the same boss fight?


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Make a mission that advantages fighter type class so its not always GM and MF destroying everything and drop could stuff for all kind of fighter type. Is it possible to make a single mission that monsters are bullet and tech resistant ?

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1. Mission Name: Nightmare Grounds

  • Planet: GUARDIANs Colony (Rykros)
  • Tier: 5
  • Area(s): Rykros (Block 1-2), Sacred Ark Crowley (Block 3-4)
  • Enemies: Galdeen, Bel Pannon, Sendillan, Orcdillan, Gaozoran, SEED-Argine, SEED-Ardite, SEED-Venas
  • Boss: None

2. Mission Name: Divine Research

  • Planet: Neudaiz (Shitenkaku)
  • Tier: 4
  • Area(s): Agata RELICS (Block 1-2), Mizuraki C.D. (Block 3)
  • Enemies: Ageeta (Fire), Sageeta (Light), Olgohmon (Fire), Ollaka (Light), Tengohg (Fire), Ubakrada (Fire), Kagajibari
  • Boss: Zoal Goug

3. Mission Name: Laboratory Defense

  • Planet: Parum (Foran Waterfall)
  • Tier: 3
  • Area(s): Inhelt Laboratory (Block 1-3)
  • Enemies: Badira (Electric), Shagreece (Electric), Distova (Electric), Go Vahra (Electric), Polavohra (Electric), Zamvapas, Svaltus
  • Boss: De Ragnus

4. Mission Name: Mining Operation

  • Planet: Moatoob (Casino Voloyal)
  • Tier: 5
  • Area(s): Galenigare Mine (Block 1-3)
  • Enemies: Nava Ludda (Fire), Lapucha (Fire), Jishagara (Fire), Vanda Orga, Dilla Griena, Bead Groode, Bafal Bragga
  • Boss: None

5. Mission Name: RELICS Exploration (Event Mission?)

  • Planet: GUARDIANs Colony (5th Floor)
  • Tier: 5
  • Block 1 (Agata RELICS): Sageeta (Light), Olgohmon (Light), Ollaka (Light), Kamatoze (Light), Rygutass
  • Block 2 (Seabed RELICS): Go Bajilla (Electric), Polty, Go Vahra (Fire), Polavohra (Fire), Gainozeros, Svaltus
  • Block 3 (Moatoob RELICS): Lapucha (Fire), Zoona, Vanda (Fire), Drua Gohra (Fire), Bil De Vear (Fire), Zamvapas
  • Block 4 (Rykros RELICS): Bel Pannon, Deljaban, Sendillan, Dilnazen, Delp Slami, Svaltus, Zamvapas, Rygutass
  • Boss: None


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