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PSU Clementine Hidden Keys & Rooms Tutorial For Illuminus Collusion Event Mission


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omg, how did you even manage to find all this? In max attacks, at least through glasses, you can see everything, but here it is just at random, I would never have thought of shooting a palm tree myself, although the handgun in the vendor can be considered a hint.

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12 hours ago, Fruzsina said:

The tree setup were in an event previously, so i feel like if i see a tree in an event from now on. Prepare the attack button, and the itchy trigger finger, because oh boy, i'll chop some tree down. ^_^

yeah it was in left route of kappa, but that palm was way lower to see those nuts yo

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9 hours ago, SHOTGUN said:

but that palm was way lower to see those nuts yo

And that is why were it so suspicious, i mean. That big big big box needed a way to be open o.o
Okay i admit... i tought at the first time i will end up next to the trasure box at the end, like after the mission a wrap will  lead me there, and then yey, big loot chanse? :3
And i felt like, hey it's not right o.o at the end
The next time it was like.... Ohhhh, it needs a key lol
So i've took my  tiny brain to good work, and found it easy. ^_^
However... i feel a bit bad for each time i open them :(

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That's why you have no problem with this quest, you just accustomed to suffering and unexpected death an infinite number of times. 😸

On the other hand, I cannot call this quest annoying, the only unpleasant part is Grudes, quest is played quite comfortably, which could not be said about the event that was on Christmas. They even found model of Vol brothers'  after being destroyed by Laia and used it original way. And at the end there is a rare location that sometimes appears. We can say that for the first quest, this is an ideal design that looks no less professional than from SEGA, or even more.

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