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How can i get a hold of PSU 3D models for printing?

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I really would like to 3D print some of the PSU character and enemy models. If anyone knows how to extract these or somewhere i can download them from that would be great. Even if they are in a  T or A pose is fine, as long as i get access to the model i can make it do what i want. I would love to make a bunch for myself and to give to others.

If anyone can help me get some 3D models i wouldnt mind making something for you, depending on how far you are i may or may not ask for at least some shipping cost.


if this is the wrong place in the forum to post this let me know

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I dont, not gonna lie i thought if i had some Phantasy Star models i would totally do that. I just dont have any of the models. Thats why im asking PSU was one of my favorite games of all time and i have 0 merchandise of it. Would love to make me some figures.

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There's currently no easy way to export game models to a readable format, but you can use NinjaRipper to grab a dump of the scene, which usually includes T-Posed models of NPC's, Characters, and Enemies. You will have to do some clean up in something like Blender, since it grabs a lot of garbage from the scene. This is how we grabbed our character models for VRChat in the past, so hopefully it can be applied here as well.

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