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Penetrating Hit with Heaven Avenger?


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Back to the self-explaining topics, shall we? :3
I've got a goofy, and wonderful question!Accroding i decide not to type too much about it, i'll going to state two fact, and then ask the big question :3

We all know that Penetrating hit has infinite target for shortened range, It's may or may not that good on paper, but let's call it good.

Now for the tougher thing, Heaven avenger has a set point of where the bullet "spawn". However! We can shoot in melee range and can still hit with it!

Now that we know this two fact, how's the PA would be affect the handgun (or twin postol)?
Would it...:

  • Applies normally, with animation and all?
  • Applies normally, but only one animation in the end?
  • Applies around the circle, and act like if it's Mayalee hit without HP steal?
  • Have no effect?
  • Have no effect, but reduce the range?
  • Something else?

If it's the first, for the fun i would unlock it ❤️

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10 minutes ago, Fruzsina said:

Okay, so i've brought the disk, and i'm dissappointed

The worst case scenario happend, less range, no extra hits, at all.

Here's a few shots.






2021-05-15 18-07-39.mp4 3.23 MB · 0 downloads





2021-05-15 18-07-39.mp4 3.23 MB · 0 downloads





Sucks it wasn't worth it in the end... Either way, was awesome to test that out with ya.

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  • Administrators

Frankly, all I can say is that we have no control over how the Heaven Avenger weapons operate and it is completely handled by the client on how it interacts with the bullets. Any sort of forced interaction like mentioned originally (it operating like in PSO) would be done server-side and we try not to do that because it can make the client unhappy and cause other things to break.

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Ohh well, isn't the end of the world, especially if touching the system of it could cause other issues. ^_^
Let this topic be a lesson, for those whom about to do the same mistake as i did.

Thank you for taking time to answer. ❤️

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