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don't make people grind quests


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To me, quests are a total failure so far.  I believe the point of quests is to get people to run other things.

But people don't want to run other things, they want to do their runs.  Encouraging them to deviate is a good idea, except:

1 . devs still have this idea that people need to grind in this game like it's a f2p mobile gacha game.

2. if the run doesn't have incentives within itself, it's just an empty run, and you're forcing people to do empty runs.


Honestly, I think people want to do their runs to get the things they want, but they get bored of doing the same run.  Forcing them to do another run that they don't even want to do a bunch of times on top of their runs doesn't make any sense.  It shouldn't be a chore.

I propose to change the quest to require ONE to TWO runs per quest, and restrict the difficulty according to the player's level bracket.  This will encourage them to do different runs without overloading them with grind.  Not sure about how much weekly should be, but definitely not 5 runs a day, or at least make them concurrent with daily quests.

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Quite a lot of us agree that it's too heavy on the chore factor, and would rather it was geared toward rewarding players for simply playing. There are already plans to tweak them hopefully for the near future. If you haven't already then you can read and join in on the discussion here: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/26144-extreme-guardian-quest-requirements/


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