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Kolmisilmä defeated, nightmare started! - Noita


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If the title is confusing, i'm not going to blame you! I usually make posts that explains them selves, but this time i feel like i need to give a short explain to it!
First and foremost, those who don't know what the first word is. It means "Three eyes" in finnish language!

And why's the nightmare started? Because it's a hardmode of the game ^_^*

As of the word Noita, it's the name of the game! (Plus means witch in finnish, you're welcome to learn something new today)

Back to the post! ^_^

So i've recently got sucked in this game, and finally i've defeated that thing, which is the end game boss.
(But it's funny, once you know why)

His hp, isn't "fixed", picking up certain power ups, called "Orb of knowledge" will boost you, and the boss.

Without any orbs taken, it's hp is 1211 (accroding to wiki)
With 11 (not the maximum, in the game) 131 481.

This is reminds me, the old saying "The less is sometimes the better"

I've had an absolute broken run, two times in the row, but only the secound one lead me to there.
The first had "Long range, homing chainsaw" (That's a thing) I died by my own greed! Because i saw an opportunity, to get a cool weapon, and then decided to pick it up. But then, something picked it up, and turns out, it had lightning attack to it. Which made both of us die, because we stand on a wet metal platform.

The secound one, were like, the best run EVER

i've used 3 wands in the entire game :3

my weapon had a "homing" effect to it, i've picked  bouncy shot perk, and then, added my favorite spell to it. The mining beam, called "Luminous Drill"
It's a shot range but lethal weapon, however, the range is extendable with perks, and other wand modifications, such as life time extender, bouncy shot spell modifiy, and probably a few else.

(Or stack up with "time based", but it's less effective.) When i say mods, i mean like a pickup, you can add to your weapon, not a mod you need to download (for those whom not familiar with the game)

And then, i've found, the more funnier combination to it!  Which is digging bolt, and it made my run even more broken.

and my wand become

"Homing laser machinegun, with mining bolt machinegun which is also homing" which is before enter the boss arena.... i've found a perk which also added... "Giant splitter shot" So after each attack, my screen become a mess, and cause me drop frame rate like, it's unreal!

Before this thing happend i had like about 217 deaths, most of them were cheap, several of them were worthy, and a bit "learning mistakes" such as:

"Hey what is that sparking box? More importantly, can i stand on it?"
"Orange liquid, i think i can swim in it, without inspect what it is (it was lava)"
"I wonder if fire hurts in this game..." (also, can i extingiush myself with oil?")
"What's this potion do, let's find out"

Famous last words really ^_^*

Anyways here's my glory!


This one brings a new question!

Do you guys like to play Roguelike/lite games in general? If yes, name your favorite ❤️

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when we started talking about the Finnish language, I remembered a joke.
Holiday songs in Russia:
-all dreams will come true
- everything will happen soon
-people have no time to get bored

Holiday songs in Finland:
-the child comes to the mother's grave
-the bird in the cage stops singing and dies
-Jesus died, and we are having fun here.
-Life is short and dark.

But real life in Russia is more like songs in Finland. xD

Is that true about Finland songs? xD 

It must be a fun game, and tricky with so many ways to die.
I tried rogue like games, but I didn't like it, although playing myself and watching someone else play and suffer is not the same xD

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I don't want to generalise, but i heard that the skandinavian people are frigid.

But i would be surprised, if say.. A happy birthday song would be like:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, one day you will die, happy birthday to yooooouuuuuuu!"
Now that would be absurd!

As of the song, i mean, i'm sure that we could name dark songs, that's oddly enough singed in a cheerish event.

Hungarian example:

Magyar síkon nagy iramban át
Ha nyargal a gőzös velem
Havas, nagy téli éjjelen,
Alusznak a tanyák.

Olyan fehér és árva a sík,
Fölötte álom-éneket
Dúdolnak a hideg szelek.
Vajjon mit álmodik?

Álmodik-e, álma még maradt?
Én most karácsonyra megyek,
Régi, vén, falusi gyerek.
De lelkem hó alatt.

S ahogy futok síkon, telen át,
Úgy érzem, halottak vagyunk
És álom nélkül álmodunk,
Én s a magyar tanyák.


This is a song about winter, and christmas.... But i would take a minute of scilence.... When Ady Endre mention this two...
"De a lelkem a hó alatt" - "But my soul is under the snow"
"Úgy érzem, halottak vagyunk" - "I feel, we're dead"

It's beautiful, on it's way. Because if this two thing is just like ignored. You can then feel the atmosphere of the winter ^_^

Once i become an expert i will record one for you ^_^
I tried the nightmare mode, and be like.... UHHHH i can't pass the first level!
Differences (what i see so far)

You start with 3 free random perk, + a tinker with wands everywhere perk.

and yet another 3 wands! May, or may not useful.... But since i can tinker everywhere. i can set a "good combination" out of the bad ones ^_^
The 3 perks, + the wand tinkering, is optional to pick up. so like it's spawn near you. Incase you DON'T need them, or feel like, it would ruin your character, then don't pick it :3
Because certain perks have positive OR negative effect when pair with another! Such as Perma shield and Levitation trail!
The trail hurts the shield, making it useless, However.... The trail is a good damage dealer! especially if you have homing bullets already! (But if you have perma shield, then don't pick it)

Now for the ones that makes it nightmare....

The mines (the very first level, really easy) is skipped :3

Enemies can have perks, like you, and you can see on the top of them! Such can be resist to fire, lightning, perma shield... anything really ^^

Of course you take extra damage :3

The last thing i've encounter with, Orb of true knowledge become Cursed orb of true knowledge (or something), taking them will boost your hp as usually (so i assume the boss), but you take a large damage on picking them up.


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