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Magi Processor in shop

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I have a good one! ^_^ A mind blowing experience! It's almost like a magic trick! But i guess it's just a glitch or something. Before i lost the track, let the screenshots speak ^_^

So let's look for a weapon called Magi processor (or magi proc as i did), within A to S rank like this here.


It's says 4 item, all good <3 i see no glitch or magic yet, Be patient!

It's an A rank weapon right? So surely if we just looking for A rank, then there will be 4 item, right?


Ohh Damn, someone brought two of them, but wait, did they brought the expensive ones if there's cheaper option?

Let's check the S ranks too, just in case...


So the two expensive one is here, but says A rank? And i have a filter on S  rank only!

I've visit them, and both is there, and says A rank!




By the way i've found this by looking for S rank wands ❤️
I find this one funny, but i wonder if that s rank weapon on the search is it the same item? Because stat wise... it's same, so i have no clue, really.

While the filter isn't perfectly shows up, but we all can see the rarity.


Edit: Typo in the title, whoopsie ^^

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