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I've got the vaccination!

It went pretty well! The only issue i can bring up, is that all 10 person whom were on the list we had to wait to arrive. (Roughly an hour and a half x.x)
Next month, i'll going to get my secound shot, and i hope that the other 9 person will show up next time <3

The vaccination weren't any worse than the others, i've got some sort of disinfection spray on my arm, then the syringe with the vaccination. and then, a some cotton wool, to cover the mark.

The doc said, we have to wait 20 minute, also were told to wait near the door, incase some problem. (Nothing issue happend luckily)
After the 20 mins, the doc visit us, and asked about how do we feel and all. And then let us go

Much as i'm concerned i didn't get chip or anything like that, only the vaccination. ^_^

Could decide if i'll get Moderna or Sputnik V. I went for Moderna :3

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Don't worry, you got the chip at the first day you was born, this evil system tracking you entire life and it doesn't require to place something under your skin, because you already have unique things to identify and separate you from others xD

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I've got mixed feeling on this.  The way things been going, I'd just let the whole human race die off.   I would not take it under the circumstances going on last few years.  We've all been lied to and taken advantage of.


If there is water on the Moon, Mars, and especially Europa, there is life and bacteria there and we would need a vaccine against it.    If they just told us the real truth, I'd support it

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Ouch that's dark, but things can always become better!
Do not let the negative energies, cast shadow on the entire human race in your heart!

Because we're the only ones who can change this, with just being smart, and also kind.
And while one person cannot change the entire humanity, but if can convince to not to spread negativity, may as well spread positivity.

Over time it will have a good effort on the modern society, even if we can't see it with our eyes. Maybe our children will see a better fate, or their children.
But for that, we must be smart, and kind.

(I know it's off topic, but have faith in humanity!)


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Jesus had faith in humanity and look what dem did to him.

And now dem distort his words as dem want to, in orda to strengthen dem influence. Literally nothing left from his real words, just hate speech and a second government called church.

Buh me agree dat you need to live a positive life, eff nuh fi a ratten society den at least fi yoself kaz you deserve peace inna yo soul

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Jesus was actually a very angry and violent person. I don't think we'll ever know his real message, because it's been twisted.  Knocking over tables and chasing people out.   John The Baptist was more popular and famous before Jesus and could have replaced him in history but many people were jealous of him.

Interesting thing is Jesus, Judas, Mohammad all had Red hair 


If things are like this game, Confusion is finally removed and replaced with Infection.  We get the chance to finally know the truth, but we are all infected and die off  😂


Edited by metalline22
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On 4/27/2021 at 11:55 PM, metalline22 said:

Interesting thing is Jesus, Judas, Mohammad all had Red hair 

Damn Wabers



3 hours ago, Fruzsina said:

Tomorrow i'll going to get my secound dose.

Feels like a cow monthly injected with hormones, one reason why I don't eat meat.
They still didn't forced me to get vaccinated and even they do, I'd rather say fuck off and quit my job.
Hope you will be fine and those frequent injections will not lead your immune system to exhaustion from intense work
after all, man has mind and nature has experience.
Write down that you are alive later... but how can we trust your words, maybe you are already controlled by chip xD

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@SHOTGUN Moooo, i mean heeey, i'm not a cow, neither wish to be eaten ^^
Well i would rather not risk my job, while the pandemic is on our heads.

Well, the doc said the next "This will probably be the last, but don't be surprised if once in autumn, you'll get a call for your third dose."
I'm a little pessimistic about this, and i ready myself for the call ^^* Knowing that now the once the restrictions getting less and less, as the persent of how much people took their shot.

Which then would means, that people would travel, thus spread these "mutated" virus, that may or may not mutate once again?

And.... The news already says, that there are stupid people, who would forge and/or pay for a forged vaccination card. Which is something like i feel we were already talked about, in an other topic. When people get their mystery vaccination for lots of money. Which is more than possibily something you shouldn't inject yourself with.

^_^ got a bit off on the answer :3

Amhhh, i'll be fine, though i felt a littttle dizzy with my secound shot, so they keep me in for yet an other 20 mins, but then i could go.

Well, it took me more than usual to type, damn hooves it's hard to type when you're half cow and half human lol
Ohhh wait nooooo what have i done!! Let me erase alll your memories, it would take less time than delete this line ^_^
*picks up that mind eraser pen thingy from Man in Black* *click*

There we go, fellow hooman!

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