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Development Post #6


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I really like the idea of that proto-weapon system. Sounds like it'll be a good way to add some variety on top of what's already there, although I worry it might make hunting for a specific effect kind of annoying if you keep getting ones you don't want. Plus, what of vanilla weapons that don't have any kind of effect tied to them? Should it possible to synth a specific prototype weapon for their effects using certain materials? The more I think about it, the more it seems like it's gonna be a bitch to implement so more power to you guys if you go for it.

As for the grinding change- It sounds like a good compromise. Slightly lowered success rates, but no worry of ruining that shiny 50 ele you just got. I'm a bit curious how it'd effect the economy now and into the future though, but I'm not familiar enough with PSU to start making assumptions. This sounds more like PSO2's original grind system, just without the chance of +0 or -1/-2/-3. With the changes to lower quality grinders on top I think this will be a better system overall.

The catch up EXP for lower level characters is great, nothing really else to comment on.

Looking forward to playing FM again.

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On 3/26/2021 at 7:20 PM, Marmalade said:

Prototype Weapon System

  •  we would like to hear your feedback
  • but it would add some variety
  •  your feedback and ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks! you're kinda cute 🧡



That is soooooooooooooo messed up.   I have not played this game in like 15 years and when I asked about Ramegid, a Mod who is in training and lowest on totem pole knock down my suggestion about the original and to have both.


Would be really nice to have both and have some variety as you say.

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  • Administrators
59 minutes ago, AlexMaGanda said:

uhm is the exp boost for new players live yet cus i do not feel it at all lvling feels like a slog especially since i never see anyone in a mission

Everything in this development post will not be active or implemented until the update in May, so no the boost is not active yet. If you're having trouble finding players, be sure to join our discord and have a look in the looking-for-group channel: https://discord.gg/NTVGJG9

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Some of my closest, and longest lasting friends are quiting because of this grinding change. Grinding is the only challenging thing that this game has and it is being stupified. 

The people who cheated last server get thier way this server. Yet honest hard playing players get thier ideas pushed aside by a corrupt mod team who have the ears of previous cheaters. 

I quit too. I'll come back when everything is released. Level up in a week. Buy one of the best weapons. Then 10/10 it with no effort. Anyone else would be smart to do the same too. All your weapons will be outdated soon anyways. What is the real reason to even play if there is no challenge.


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Take it easy
Neither the lack of a chance to fail in psp2 nor the hardcore removal of weapons in vanilla saved this universe series, so these changes can be considered dragging one sofa to the other end of the room.
You can hate clem as much as you want, but this is the only PSU project that has achieved success, so you either have to play by their rules, or develop persuasion skills and write competent and interesting suggestions, instead of just slamming the door.

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