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Ronald Mcdonald

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Can we change the drop table for SEED-Magashi please?

He is probably the hardest enemy to fight in this game. I will not spoil where he could be found. However, he is difficult to find.

Instead of Agito Repcas, Can he be the sole dropper of Ultimate Chains?

Also, have his rate for this item or whatever item chosen extremely low. 

I would love to see a better drop variety for this enemy. Currently he only drops Kokuintou Kagachi, Agito edges, Buccaneers, and Agito Repcas. 

I know we will not be seeing the big guy for a while. However I just want to plan ahead for when he does show up. 

During the last test server he was HARD to fight. I would like to keep that challenge alive and also give the guy a very interesting drop table. 



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