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The BETTER Weapon Grinding Change Proposal

Ronald Mcdonald

Grind Percentage  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. What should the grind percentage of 9->10 on S rank weapons be?

    • 25%
    • 30%
    • 35%
    • 40%

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Ok, so basically people are really divided on what should be done about grinding. Some people want the game to be easier and faster. Other people think the game is already easy enough.

When you play this game, you rarely die. You beat missions in a matter of minutes. Everything that has ever dropped, has dropped in the first 24 hours of the the newest update coming out. Let us all face reality for a moment and realize that this game is very easy. The only challenge this game seems to have is through a core function, which is grinding. 

I am not going to write up some poorly written document for you all to read. I am also not going to suggest something that is overwhelmingly complicated to code. I am someone who thinks that Marm has worked hard enough for all of our enjoyment. If grinding must be changed, then lets change it in a way that would benefit everybody.

Let me give a little bit of a backstory to where I want Clementine to go. I would love to see S5 and beyond for each and every mission. However, we all know that weapons can not keep up with everlasting progression. 

Here's my pitch

Lets change the value of all 10/10 weapons to be stronger. Lets make 10/10 as powerful as possible. A 10/10 psycho wand has 1168 tech attack? Make the 10/10 tech attack value jump up to around 1400. Then make 9/10 slightly stronger so that 10/10 will only be sought after if you REALLY want to risk breaking your precious weapon. 

However, the current grind rate for 9->10 will have to be lowered. What will it be?

25%, 30%, 35%, 40% ???

Here is what the new S rank grind chart might look like depending on what the poll decides.


I know the chart above might scare some people who are already scared of the current grinding system. I can make it look less scary too.


Lets talk about the different grind % values that can be changed. I can make many different charts. 

Also, I don't expect Marm to draw up the new and improved values for the many many different weapons that there are. I would expect the community and the mods to do most of that work. They have the time to be biased on who they silence in the trade chat, they should have the time to find out these values too. 

It is scary for me that I have to be suggesting something that should have been said during the test servers. I never though we would be here after the reset. However, this proposal is aimed at keeping the grind alive. Lets push for the longevity of Clementine. Lets give incentives to grind for 10/10. 

Cheers to everyone. 


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This isn't much of a fix. Funny enough in the following games in the Phantasy Star Universe Franchise, There were missions beyond S rank. There was even a rank called Infinity in the Japanese exclusive Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. You're saying people are divided on the current system. However, the only players I see who like the system as it is are yourself and Spikey. It's very clear the majority of players would prefer rework of the system that doesn't have a pointless randomness mechanic. 

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11 hours ago, McDeezy said:

This isn't much of a fix. 

Actually it is. You will be skipping a grind while on your path to 9/10.

Grinding a weapon to 1->10 can be somewhat similar by just going to 1->9, but maybe even easier through better percentages discussed here.. 

This will still give incentives to grind to 10/10, however people only wanting to risk breaking the weapon will do so. Otherwise they can just keep it 9/10 for the same weapon stats as 10/10.

There are multiple things that Clementine does differently than the original game. Lets make the weapons a bit stronger as a Clementine version of all the weapons. This is a solution that would keep the motivation for better weapons alive.

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I don't think this is better than Nick's proposal, or better for anyone in general. Grinding 10/10, especially S ranks is extremely hard as it is. Some ppl are RNG carried for sure, but many people in it's current state take 20/30/40 even 50 attempts to see a 10/10... At least with Nick's system those people that are having trouble don't have to constantly buy/find that weapon over and over and they can decide what is worth getting to 10/10. The market will become less saturated with broken weapons and this will especially be good for fighters. Some of these items I'm sure later on will become extremely rare to get and you have to spend a lot of time just finding a good % and element you need on top of that. At least with the others you don't have to suffer if it doesn't grind well cause you can keep trying if you find it to be worth it to get it to 10. Imagine finding a weapon like the Agito Repca for instance and you grind it and it ends up going to 2/2 or 3/3... you would be crushed, anyone would. That weapon you worked hard for just became utterly useless and you might as well NPC it. Do you even know probability that well to even come up with these percentages for grinds?

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59 minutes ago, JackJack said:

The market will become less saturated with broken weapons and this will especially be good for fighters. 

Do you even know probability that well to even come up with these percentages for grinds?

I think broken weapons are a great way for new players to achieve better gear. This system I am proposing could make weapon grinding rates easier. The grind percentage can be boosted up 5% overall. Plus there would be an additional incentive to try and go for 10/10.

If you 10/10 a 40% element weapon, it could be as powerful as a 9/10 50% element weapon now. So this proposal can directly benefit fighters. There will actually be more "10/10" attack value weapons through this by having more 9/10s.  

I am making this discussion to have a community effort put into what probabilities can be made up. 

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