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Grind Idea


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Hi folks. I've seen some of the topics hating on grinding recently, so I came up with a master plan for you all.

The idea is 1 or more final grind_difference variables.

     (In programming, a final variable is basically a variable with a set value that doesn't change.)


The effect would be the following:

     grind_difference = 1.0 (no change to your weapons' ATK, TP, & PP as they are now)

     grind_difference = 0.8

            0/10 Hiken PP:     311 -> 334 (+23)

            5/10 Hiken PP:     357 -> 371 (+14)

          10/10 Hiken PP:     424 (+0)


x/10 weapon stat = 10/10 weapon stat - ( grind_difference * ( 10/10 weapon stat - x/10 weapon stat ) )


With a smaller grind_difference variable, someone not wanting to risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential would feel less pressured to do so, because the weapon wouldn't be as weak as it is presently.

     There could be one grind_difference variable for ATK/TP, another for PP, or one for both.

          It could also only affect weapons between certain grinds, like 3/10 to 10/10, so 0/10's would still be crappy.

               Specific weapons could be ignored, like the very grind-impacted Agito Repca sword if desired.


Grinding would be kept as a system, but the variable value(s) would change according to how over/underpowered the community felt 10/10's were.


Edit: rewrote "break their x/10 weapon" to "risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential" at Hatsodoom's request.

Edited by Keystone
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