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Grind Breaking is a pointless mechanic


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Eh,  I'm not big on stuff being handed to me. 10/10 would not mean anything if everyone could just get them like that.  The RNG is frustrating as hell a lot of times but that's just the name of the game. Its how its always been. Maybe they could add a super rare item to fix weapons as mentioned above but I dont want anything handed to me like that. You dont NEED 10/10 (its great with the GAS 10/10 perk though). Its high risk / high reward (most of the time). I am about at the point where I would have nothing else to do atm and id be bored if I wasn't grinding for a perfect pallet. I broke 50+ plantain leaves and 6 P wands (among MANY MANY other things) and its still all good. On to the next one. Ive gotten a plenty 10/10s with all of the breaks and while I agree the RNG seems to work a little more against me than id like it to...I dont want the CORE mechanic removed. Its a HUGE part of this game. Devaluing the market and hard work of people isn't the solution. I would not be opposed to a tweak or some item to help when breaking a really rare item but that's about it. This game is SILLY easy compared to how retail was (especially in the very beginning). What more do they need to hand to us? Without the grind the game isn't much.

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You read my mind so well friend. I do not understand the many different posts on how grinding should be changed. I can 10/10 any weapon I want right now with barely any effort at all.

What I really want to see is very very few Ultimate Chains when they come out. I want to see maybe 10 on the server during an event. Then I want that event to end.  

Think about the prestige amongst others. Having a few people with such a desired item is something that happened on the last server. I kind of wish that SEED-Magashi would be the ultimate dropper of 15* items. Have him drop the items at a very VERY low rate. 

Then people can save their precious 15* items for grind boost week if they are soo important. 


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