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Striking PA Damage and DPS Charts


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Hello everyone! Once again, I've leveraged my crippling obsession and pedantry for everyone's benefit and made some nifty charts. These charts correctly reflect Clementine's updates and adjustments, and I'm mostly happy with where they are. Mostly.

On the subject of DPS, the frame data I collected is not perfect. Expect the numbers to be off by a little. If anyone out there wants to help me get more accurate frame data, drop me a DM on Discord.


  • By default, the ATP used for weapons is gathered from the strongest 7⭐ weapon in each category.
  • For the damage calculation, I used the following: DAMAGE = FLOOR(CRIT*(ATP*PAMOD*(1+ELE)*BUFF-TARGETDFP)/5) This assumes no crits, elemental resistances, or buffs.
  • I used the modifiers for the LV40 version of each photon art, as this is the highest normally achievable in each category.
  • For frame data, I used a video editing program to count the number of frames from the first indication of a UI flash from using the photon art until the UI element indicated it could be used again. As mentioned before, this data could be erroneous by up to 2 or 3 frames, but I'm fairly confident in its accuracy. The video I referenced didn't include the second attack of Shusou Retsuzan-ga, so it is not included in the chart. As I said, more help with that is sorely welcome.
  • All results from the charts assume a perfect hit, meaning all potential targets are struck for their maximum damage.
  • Slicer PA's are shown hitting 6 targets - although theoretically, slicers can hit an infinite number.


The clustered damage chart is sorted by DPS from highest to lowest. This shows the damage to a set number of targets side-by side, and is useful for visualizing the effectiveness of a given PA on a group of 1-hitbox enemies.

The stacked damage chart is also sorted by DPS from highest to lowest. This shows the total damage the photon art deals to each target added together - which is useful for visualizing the effectiveness of a given PA on enemies with multiple hitboxes (such as bosses).

Keep in mind that a photon art's DPS will dip considerably if you use a photon art that doesn't hit all of its targets.

Here's a link to the excel sheet in case you want to play with the values a bit.



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