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Updates to Elaine (From February 2nd - Now)

Jessica Stark

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The Week of February 2nd: Pressure got to Elaine, lost her Warrior Honour and had to regain it/started to rebuild Gen3 of the Warriors. Now titled Gen3.5. Guardian's and the Investors think of cutting off the partnership and planned to build a machine that either replaced or help Elaine.

This Week: Elaine has regained her Warrior Honour, and is back to high rank in leading the new Gen3's, as Gen3.5. New clothing supports this, and the guardian situation has been decided. They have indeed built a machine to resemble a Gen3.5 Warrior, and have programmed it to help Elaine. The Partnership is saved, but Elaine has yet to see this Machine.. time will tell if she approves, as she's only been told that the partership can still continue.

Last Piece of News: Elaine will always stand by her ways, and from now on will never let anything stop her family's history.. if she looses her Honour twice, there won't be a second redemption. *End of Update*

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There have been no updates for a long time. I hope she sent investors straight to the hell, otherwise she will lose her honor again, being on a short leash with these bastards. You can hardly call a partnership a situation where these assholes openly develop mechanisms for your replacement.

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