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Leveling Resta / Reverser


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Since we dont have any bots we can add to our party... I had a friend help me out a little bit leveling my resta and reverser on some traps. I mentioned that I should create another account on my laptop to help speed up the process by having another character there. I was told by this friend that it wasn't allowed or was frowned upon to use another character like a bot? Is this true? I dont want to get in trouble with anyone or anything but I really want to go ahead and level these PAs. Its going to take ages either way. Is there any harm in this? I just want a bot to heal so I can think about other things. Back in the day I would invite max bots and go to dancing birds or something with traps and spam them for hours. I didn't see a rule about it and also dont see the harm since you still need to spend a ton of time grinding it out. Anyone have any insight on this or is my friend just silly? Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

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1 hour ago, Nessly said:

Hey Slade, it's not allowed, see rules excerpt below and here are all the rules

I'd be happy to join you in a resta/reverser party though. I recommend checking out the discord #lookingforparty channel for organizing one or seeing if others would want to join in too.

Clementine Discord - check out the #lookingforparty chat. It's fairly active.



Whoa! Thanks for letting me know! I could have gotten in trouble! I dont want to get banned for something so silly. Id freak if I got banned for something like that.

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Yeah please don't multibox 🙂 Resta / Reverser parties are a thing, you'll often find them in Hill of Spores next to the... smog turret things, as they deal percentage-based damage very rapidly but also inflict confuse, so are good for both. Your best bet would be to try and get one going using the #looking-for-group channel on the Clem Discord.

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