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A centralized active game listing


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Is it possible to have either a console or display in game or maybe even a website that would list all active game rooms going on at any given time?  I've always loved PSU but one thing that drove me up a wall was trying to find what missions where actively being played.  I don't so much mind running through lobbies to get to them, some of the lobbies are just way to big for reasons I've never understood, but it would be nice to be able to see where people are at.  This way you wouldn't have to travel all the way to Falz Memoria to see if people were running anything, then go Parum, or the next planet and go through all the lobbies to find different missions to play that have people already in there. 

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I think this would be super helpful as well. Maybe even a mission counter that can even access all parties regardless of lobby/planet. that would be a godsend 🙏

The next closest thing is the Clementine discord's #looking-for-group channel where people post what mission they're running and how many are in the party. I've been using it w/ good success. A fair number of people post in it.


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