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why drop rates are "fine"


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When the "best" items are expected at 100+ runs, it really doesn't feel good, and your gear is not going to match your plevel and type level.  I believe lots of players have this problem, myself included.  Basically, you can't expect good gear progression from drops.

But the drop rates act as a deterrent to "everyone has everything, everything costs nothing", and it works.  I, myself, can probably play 30 hours a week at most, and I rarely reach that amount of hours.  Regrettably, I couldn't expect to find any drops.  However, there are other community members that do have hours to sink into the game.

These are the type of players that have to get the best equip, high %, and 10/10 grinds., and they will keep playing to grind for them.  That is their goal.  If drops are too easy to get, they will get these items real quick, get bored, and quit.  So, getting higher drop rates is actually detrimental to server health.  And, while it sucks to not be able to get drops yourself, as these players continue to get drops, more and more handmedowns become available on the market, and eventually are available for cheap.  So, in actuality, we are getting a good supply of gear as well as not sinking the economy the way that things are now, all we have to do is make sure we are earning that meseta so we can afford the gear.

On the other hand, if drop rates were to increase, <50 hour/week players may feel better about getting drops, but I don't feel like it's worth losing people to play with.

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31 minutes ago, packor said:

On the other hand, if drop rates were to increase, <50 hour/week players may feel better about getting drops, but I don't feel like it's worth losing people to play with.

Yeah, i agree right here. Getting quick and easy access to any item will just make the game lose interest quickly to everybody

The dedicated players would lose interest quick and drop the game, only returning when there's a new update to again, quickly get the best stuff again, get bored and drop. Rinse and repeat
The more casual players (myself included) WILL get the good stuff too. But since the dedicated players, wich i think is roughtly more than half of the population, won't be there playing anymore, the casual people with their erratic schedules to play the game won't get anybody else to play with and also drop the game

Then nobody would be playing the game. The servers would be too empty to consider worth the hassle of keeping running the game. The game will shut down, yadda yadda. You get the gist of it

It's a lose-lose situation on the long term ("long term" being a max of 2 weeks at best before things start breaking down)

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Excellent post. I personally feel like the people who are very concerned about the current drop rate might be either envious completionists, or people who are way to eager to reach the end. 

You are very very right about the market part of your post. I remember back in the day we use to not have rooms on a previous Clementine server. Having rooms and player shops is something that should be protected at all costs. To me, trading is the most important aspect of the game. 

I would personally love to see end game weapons become more and more difficult to acquire. For instance, an EPD would need to have 4 of the most strongest rods in order to be crafted. Have the success rate be 50% and the board extremely hard to find. 

Of course, things don't need to be this hard if there can be the implantation of new end game weapons. I am unsure how far Clementine will go but a feeling in my heart tells me it can go above and beyond the limits of what PSU is.

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Yeah I'm okay with the drop rate currently because there are still more better drops down the line still. I would love to see the rates changed on the better drops but as you pointed out it might cause some players to stop playing. On the other hand we only at S-rank and not S3 or whatever endgame rank is. I think it could use a slight tweek. Actually If we had a mission spotlight with a small drop rate increase would be even better.

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