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Things Have Changed For Elaine..

Jessica Stark

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Elaine has not had a great start being the face of the new Generation of the Newman Warriors.. Usually Pressure does not find it's way to Elaine, but it recently did.

What's worse, The team releationship with the Guardian's might be slipping away.. they are not really keen on how Elaine has been performing, they might start to think that Neudaiz just isn't for Warrior's anymore.. behind the scenes they are planning to build a combat ready machine that will either help Elaine, or be her replacement.. some of the investor's are thinking that the partnership, might not be worth it anymore..

Elaine has recently been seen after been away for a while, and she took off the Warrior Jacket, which Warriors should never do.. her Oath.. was lost.. but thanks to a couple of friends, and being that Elaine is the face of Generation 3, Elaine has come up with a Redemption.. and has turned Generation 3, into G3.5.. with a whole new look.. new hair style, and Neudaiz clothing.. >>Picture below>>

Will Elaine restore the faith in the Guardian's and the Partnership so that they may continue? may Elaine's Redemption succeed? we'll just have to wait and see..

G3.5 Elaine2.JPG

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