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Leveling TECHNICs Guide

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Seeing this question prompted me to make this quick and dirty little tutorial for beginners, so... here we go!

Quick thing to note, as of posting this, I am not going to go into more specific details and intricacies of TECHNICs (what TECHNIC does what, origins, how disks work TECHNIC stacking, et cetera) unless asked to, which may be put in this or a separate topic altogether.

Support TECHNICs:

Buy 6 Wands and 6 TCSMs (TECHNIC combat support machines). (TCSMs are also known as TECH-mags.) Buy Wands and TCSMs as cheap as you want, or as expensive as you can. If you can, be an Acrotecher for some speedy cast times; if you wanna further hasten this, the Head units Me / Quick and Har / Quick (while very expensive on PSUC) help too!
Also, make sure you grab some water and maybe a light snack or two while you do this. It's also important to take breaks to stretch yourself. Keep a good posture and play with your room lights on with and your eyes a good distance away from the monitor.

For area target buff TECHNICs, look for buff parties! These are rooms where everyone stands at a recharge cube and spam their buff spells. Check White Beast (over on Neudaiz) and you will almost always find one going on. Mad Creatures used to be pretty popular, too. The more people you tag in your buffs, the faster they level. I recommend to sticking to spamming one buff at a time for consistency. If you're on the Clementine Discord, feel free to announce that you are hosting a buff party in #looking_for_group! 😄

Debuffs can be done in a few different areas. Scarred Planet C is what I would use for something that is super quick to get to as you can simply leave the mission and come back; the first room is where you wanna do this method for this mission. You'll want to invest into some decent armor to keep the enemies from actually hurting you, which shouldn't be too hard with a few levels and a bit of meseta. For SP C, run into one of the corners at the start and let yourself be surrounded by as many enemies as possible. Face your back to the enemies and spam, spam, spam those debuffs.

For self target buff TECHNICs, refer to the buff parties I spoke about earlier. Keep in mind that these will only target yourself and will level up much slower, given that it only targets yourself. The plus side to joining buff parties when leveling these TECHNICs is that you can provide an extra body to those buff parties! Yay socializing! 😄

(The information for this part may be incorrect!) Restorative TECHNICs require you to find a place in which you and other bodies to take damage (Resta) or be inflicted with ailments (Reverser). White Beast, at the end of the mission, is a place where you can stand in freeze traps. These can be tricky and no more than two casters (one for Resta, one for Reverser) should be used.

Attack TECHNICs:

Make a CAST or Beast character for the lowest TP (and therefore lowest damage). The more times you can hit---the longer enemies survive---the less time you gotta spend searching around for enemies. I'd recommend a full palette, but that is not needed. I'd suggest going with Wands and TCSMs (6 each) to get a lot of PP, quick casts, and a lower damage compared to Rods. Stock up on those Photon Charges and try to grab one of the / Quick Head units. Do not complete missions; gaining MP Is a no-no.
Also, make sure you grab some water and maybe a light snack or two while you do this. It's also important to take breaks to stretch yourself. Keep a good posture and play with your room lights on with and your eyes a good distance away from the monitor.

For single target attack TECHNICs, find the highest difficulty missions available. Spam those Foies, Digas, and Nosdigas (and land them all)! Any area with a bunch of enemies is what you want. Make sure to Lock-on/Strage and move around while casting to be safe.

For line target attack TECHNICs, run Sakura Blast. Go to Neudaiz, take the flight service over to Kugo Hot Springs, and turn behind you to find the Kego Clearing Area counter, which is where you will find the Sakura Blast mission. You can find little patches of grass and the like around the map. Spawn the enemies by running around, then run back to those patches of grass that stick out and trees and the like. Hiding in those allows you to safely spam those Zondes, Megids, and Bartas safely. Sleeping Warriors on Parum is also worth checking out if you feel like being more active.

For the Gi- attack TECHNICs, do the same method as you would for the line target attacks, but stick to Sakura Blast. You do not need to use the patches to hide. You might wanna use Gifoie in Scarred Planet instead (due to the Burn). Clear the first block in SP then abandon quickly to hit up a recharge cube right outside.

For Ra- TECHNICs, refer to what I said about Gi- TECHNICs.

For Nos- TECHNICs, refer to what I said about line target attack TECHNICs.


Have fun leveling those TECHNICs! ❤️

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Fixed a gramatical error.

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Feel free to leave suggestions and corrections in this topic. This is meant to be a simple guide to simply level TECHNICs quickly.

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If down-voting, please state your issue(s) and leave constructive criticism or feedback to help me improve! 😄

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The cast / beast techer strategy is a good one. I used to do that quite a bit back in the day.

My place to level was most of the time unsafe passage A. Enemies have a decent enough of HP to work with and besides sendillian , the pannon and delsaban are easy to target with most techs. Gi techs were decent for sendillians too since they tend to gather around you. I might also suggest  at least for getting techs to 30 to change to acrotecher . They are by far the least squishy of the techers. Deband for some defense and jellen acan help a little bit too.

Don't forget the importance of a good % armor to help survive better. A lower rank armor with higher % would sometimes be better for reducing certain elements than a higher rank armor with less or no % . That depends on how strong you are and/or how strong the enemy you choose to level techs on are. 

Edit: For noszonde and nosmegid it's most effective to be right in an enemies face if you can. If you're hit while casting or block, the nos spell goes off right there. So repeatedly getting hit while casting casts them a bit faster. 

 KAMIGENO: "If you can, be an Acrotecher"

I should of read your post more thoroughly, you offered that advice already. 

I also agree that ultimately getting technique xp is more important than finishing missions. It's nice to multitask tech xp , character xp/mp. But I think it's best most times to focus on leveling the tech as effectively as possible. Mission completion or not. Or solo or not.

(Quotes are difficult on a phone) 

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Just to add

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The two spots I used as a techer back in the day to get all my techs up were:


Support Techs:

Mad Creatures for buffs in a buff party, although I am sure anywhere where there is a recharge cube would work well. The key to leveling support techs is to be in a group of 6 people. So while Mad Creatures was the buff mission back in my day; just ask on discord if anyone would like to join in a buff party. 


For Tech/Bullet/Skill Lvling:

Depending on your lvl, Plains Overlord has tons of nooks that were designed for the user as a safety spot on the map, creatures cannot get to these spots unless they cast tech spells. These nooks are in every spot that enemies spawn and once you learn these spots on this map you can level any tech, bullet or skill quite easily. 


My goto once I hit lvl 45. 

Plains Overlord S. There is literally a safe spot in every single room that a mob spawns. And they all follow you over to these nooks usually in 4-5 per mob perfect for lvling. Most of the time they line right up for you. Another bonus is there are some Varha on that map where the King Varha uses Resta and is almost 99% impossible to SE. This guy works perfect for leveling single bullet/tech spells.


Potential Exploit:

Now this could work with leveling your buff spells as well, at least so you do not wear out your controllers buttons or give yourself carpal tunnel. 

Now I did not play PC back in the day so I did not use this. There is a sort of exploit out there to take advantage of these nooks as well as the ability to use software like Joy2key where you set your buttons to automatically keep triggering when the button is held down. What it means for you is you can basically make yourself an autofire button if you tape the button down or hold it down. I guess similar to a buff party, what you can do is put yourself in one of the safety nooks in Plains, seek out the King Varha and then just sit in the nook autofiring? The theory is you make sure your character is as weak as you can get them so as to not kill the King Varha, your goal is to keep him alive so as to get as many hits with whatever bullet/tech you are leveling. I am not sure if rules do not permit me to share this. I hope I do not get in any trouble. 

But this is a fairly efficient way to level your attack techs/bullets and should save you all that clicking or button pressing. 



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Plains also works well for leveling skills too, its not just for techers/rangers. These nooks they provided allow you to get off your attacks uninterrupted. Again I would go in with as weak as a character as you can make, so no power units to make you even stronger. I would also take a skill/bullet/tech save with you and a ton of photon charges. 

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