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[Download] PS2 User Interface Icons

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Look at me being a copycat!
Thanks to CheeseCubeStick for getting me to start this little project, and for helping with some detail restoration. What started as him simply asking me for feedback on his Playstation Themed UI, turned into a joint effort to recover SEGA's official PS2 UI.
I was gonna give CheeseCubeStick the files to add an "Official UI" download option to his post, but he felt it more proper for me to make my own thread.

This makes the interface identical (hopefully) to the PS2 version of PSU AotI. Please let me know if you find any inconsistencies!
LkRe2Ux.jpg     vzEC4nc.jpg


Honestly this was a simple task on paper, but I see why nobody felt like putting it together. It was a much bigger pain in the ass than it really should have been, mostly because there's currently no way (that I know of) to pull the textures directly from the PS2 data files. I decided to be a fool on and off for the first 3 days, hole-punching the icons out of PCSX2 screenshots, restoring lost details pixel by pixel, splicing up unfaithful recreations of icons that have been inaccessible since 2010's shutdown, and of course staying up one night from 6pm to 9am trying my hardest to find out why Photoshop is a horrible program that manages to garble PNG exports...only to throw away all of that effort once I remembered I could just use TexMod to pull textures from PCSX2, and GIMP exists. Sigh... I'm not mad.

(1/23/2021 - L2 icon for notifications has been corrected to its proper rectangular shape.)
(1/27/2021 - "Next textbox" indicator was accidentally carried from Cheese's UI. Didn't realize it was custom. Oopsie has been fixed.)

EN button layout: Download(Alternative Link)
JP button layout: Download / (Alternative Link)

Extract the files into the DATA folder and Replace when prompted. I suggest making a backup of the original files before you do this!


By the way, JP PS2 got "PRESS START BUTTON" while EN got "PRESS START button"-- why SEGA took the effort to rasterize a lowercase version of the text for the international release is beyond me. By default, I took the best of neither world and made it simply say PRESS START. Below is the option to add BUTTON or button to the title screen- you know, for the 6 whole frames you're gonna see it. You can have it with BUTTON or button, but we don't serve Button.


For EN Layout: Download "BUTTON"  / (Alternative Link)  OR  Download "button" / (Alternative Link)
For JP Layout: Download "BUTTON"(Alternative Link)  OR  Download "button" /  (Alternative Link)

Drop the files into the DATA folder like before, and Replace when prompted.

The dudes who made this tool are true heroes.

Edited by Lt. Plebberoni

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