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Aight, Elaine Finally Has A Backstory ^-^

Jessica Stark

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Elaine Finally Has a Backstory, And It Goes Like This:

Elaine is part of the New Generation Of Newman Warriors Generation 3, on her home Planet Neudaiz. The Prior 2 all fell, and it's up to the new G3's to carry on the Legacy:

G1: Fought hard for their home, and some partnered with the Guardians.. they succeded in winning, but all died with Honour.. Generation 1 is burried on Neudaiz. They wore Blue Clothing.

G2: Carried on G1's Legacy, but did not partner with the Guardians. A war broke out between both, Neudaiz was almost in rubble.. The Honour of the Warriors.. was almost lost.., at this time the SEED invasion began, the Guardian's focused on it, while the Warrior's continued to protect their home.. both succeeded, but G2 Warrior's had an additional war away from Neudaiz, in Subspace.. and are all burried there.. They Wore Red Clothing.

G3: Elaine, being born from parents in the Second Generation, was offered to take the Oath and path of the next Generation in line.. knowing that Generation 2 was falling, Elaine understood her duty. Being only 9 years old, she accepted the Oath, put on the Jacket of the Warrior's Symbol, and began her training.. G3 went for black, instead of Red of the Previous Generation for the jackets.. Like the 2 Generations Prior, Elaine was told to never take off the jacket, otherwise her Honour would be lost.. anything below that, could be worn or taken off.. But Elain sticks to her usual Boots & Knee Socks with under the Jacket.. She must stick to the path, and when the time comes.. Die of Honour..

Current Day: Now 2 year's onward, and 11 year's old, Elaine is seen almost everywhere.. To keep the Legacy going even furthur, she has patnered with the Guardians, who she reassured that this collaboration will not be broken.. they accepted and she does missions for them every now and then.. She keeps her duty, and goes home every now and then to make sure it's safe.. Elaine aims to get this Generation of warriors to travel more often, which is why she is hardly seen on Neudaiz.. being that she is the first into G3, she hopes that when more Newman's join, as the Path of the Warrior's was created in Neudaiz, that she can show them they can help outside of Neudaiz..

If you happen to see Elaine, please feel free to ask her for help.. it's what she strives for, the foundation was made to protect, fight and show no mercy.. she maybe a tiny small Newman, but trust me, she won't be a lost cause to you.. The Previous Generations showed that strength provails... Thanks for reading, and have fun everyone ^-^

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