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Megistar sucks now

Midori Hoshi

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I tried using Megistar as a WT with default cast speed and TCSM, and it's not good.

The changes to Megistar are very bad overall. Thanks to the extremely slow cast time combined with the shorter range, means it's hard to buff the other players. It's way too easy to miss the other players, which means you often end up having to cast it multiple times. It ends up being slower and more of a hassle than the regular buffs.

OK so, just use it to buff yourself, right? That's much worse than how the tech originally worked. The cast time is so slow. I'd have to swap to Har / Quick just to cast it, which is a pain. And if I just wanted to cure a debuff or use it for the HP drain, I would have to swap to Har / Quick every time. If I'm running a mission with enemies that use debuffs, I'd be better off equipping a 2nd, regular buff tech for that, which means less palette space than before.

Do I really need to use Megistaride items to refresh my buffs now, despite having access to high level buff techs on the classes I play? I used to just be able to use Megistar to handle all of my self buff needs and it was great. Megistaride means less inventory space, and it still costs 750 meseta, which is around 3x to 4x more than it should cost on Clem. The duration for buff items is also shorter than Megistar on WT/GT, so I would have to refresh my buffs more often than normal.

Megistar used to be good as a self buff, but now it's bad at both an AOE and self buff. Can we change Megistar back to how used to work, and for an AOE buff, maybe create a separate tech for that?

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I did not have access yet to Megistaride yet, and it does saddens me a lot it changed this way. I would probably be mad angry If i discovered the way it currently is after investing 99 PA FRAG

I will say it again (to the persons in charge of the rebalance), Why do you NOT want people to have FUN? Why changing something which was working perfectly FINE???

I can understand that aspects of PSU AOTI did needed some polish...but why changing what which DID WORKED Great on it?

I still think that consumable pricing is still a problem for Newcomers as well as Casino payout (European rules change)


bottom question...Where is the Single Dagger Travel Photon Art? Why is it absent among all of them? It is Legacy PSU PA and I know it did worked fine in public test...so Where is it?



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"bottom question...Where is the Single Dagger Travel Photon Art? Why is it absent among all of them? It is Legacy PSU PA and I know it did worked fine in public test...so Where is it?"

Uh yeah...about that, PSU JP planned to release Shisoku, the Dagger Travel PA (Since it was from PSP2 Infinity like loads of other content) and due to PSU ending, Shisoku and a bunch of other Infinity content was in the games' data, but never released. Last test, Shisoku was released and for reasons that shall not be mentioned, they aren't releasing that PA.

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I like Megistar being able to buff everyone. I feel like this should be the reward of purchasing if with 99 PA frags. This should be the new buffs in my opinion. To combat the problems associated with this post I would suggest that Megistaride just be buffed. For the sake of saving pallet space and time I would love for Megistar to be the same or if anything to be buffed. 

If megistar is to be nerfed then I want my 99 PA frags that I spend countless hours on back. 

Maybe make a different megistar with the original effects but please do not nerf this gem of a PA.

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I like new Megistar, I don't feel like the casting range to affect others is that limiting and I feel like casting time is justified. If i run alittle ahead of the group and precast or use it in combat I've not had many issues with missing people (even without har/quick on) and the small flaws it does have are extremely well worth taking back the palette slots and the PA space limitations.


you're right if somebody is debuffed it's a pain to rebuff, but that's just a flaw I'm willing to accept, if you fight alot of worms or something on neudiaz that seem to jellen alot you can always slot shifta onto a weapon if you so wish or reverser an let whomever messed up go without xD  it's not a perfect tech and has some slight drawbacks but I'm more than willing to accept them for convienance an if it makes the old buffs irrelevant I'm fine with that, they weren't -fun- anyway.

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