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I just wanted to express my thoughts on some of the experiences I've had with players and dev team recently.  People seem to be in a bad mood.

To players:

dev team is just the same as you, passionate about PSU, and when they started this project, it was in pursuit of a dream, to make PSU great again.  In October(?), we had our official release, and the direction of the dev team started to change; but what you should realize is that the team hasn't changed.  It's still the same team that's trying to make PSU great.  What did change is that they went from building the system to actually making the game.  It feels like, with some players, when release happened, a switch was flipped, and they entered consumer mode, where everything just has to be instantly satisifying.  But dev team is not SEGA, it isn't a gaming company, and it isn't even indi dev that is selling a product.  It's the same team that's been working on this project so everyone can enjoy PSU again, and they're still working towards this goal, and the project is still in progress.

And I've heard a lot about how PSU should just mirror JP before it was shut down.  I'm sure that with the abuse dev team's been getting, they'd be happy to do just that IF THEY COULD, but they didn't just take over the game and change it, they're actually building it, and there are just some limitations that have to be worked around.  But, there's also the fact that they're trying to make the game BETTER.  And this isn't an experienced team that knows exactly how to do this.  It takes some trial and error, and experimentation.  You just have to remember that dev team does want the game to be great, and they're trying hard.

And suggestions:  If you've been paying attention, you know that they do take them into consideration, and some suggestions, good or bad, have been put in.  So suggesting DOES work, but it doesn't work well when everyone is toxic about it.  Adjusting and finding the best place takes time.  Please try to have some patience and continue to provide feedback and discussion without so much negativity.  I'm sure that things will eventually change for the better.


To dev team:

I know that you get a lot of negativity and stress from players and probably among yourselves, and I have to say that it comes with the territory(of being game dev).  People are not going to like some things and some of these people will lash out, because they're stressed too.  I know that people have expressed their love for you, and you may not feel that at times.  Just know that, even if some people don't show it, they really do appreciate all the effort that has been put into this project.  Try not to get too down about the negativity.  After all, everyone IS after the same thing: a great PSU experience.

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I agree with that. We as players of Your server are thankful to devs for Your effort to make us all play PSU together again. Thank You devs for this opportunity for us to experience this game online again! We love You never forget that and please don't let negativity from some angry individuals get to You. Thank You again for Your hard work !!

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Tbh @packor, i liked a lot of your post. I liked a lot of your post that i'll write you an answer to this topic.

In my most sincere opinion, i prefer Clementine version of PSU than JP PSU because... not only WTs and GTs have finally their place without being kicked by the others because the lack of DPS, even in the JP version they were "buffed" in terms of getting certain PAs at the best one of the game (Such as Vivi Dezza in whips' world), with the inclusion of lv40 in Striking PAs in the WT for giving them some chances ingame. It's because basically it's noticeable that the PAs and basically all the content ingame have been well balanced.

Seriously, enraging for waiting the JP Version while this one is much better is, IMO... useless.

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