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PA Limit Formalization (Picture Added!)


1 & 2 handed PA limit split (illustration added!)  

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Hello, all.

Earlier, to solve the problem of certain PAs not being able to reach LV50, I heard it suggested that a type like Protranser should have only its Longbow PA limit raised to 50 (in the possibly permanent absence of GAS).

But that feels soooo weird to me!

So I came up with a suggestion to formalize a solution to this problem, but in a way that I don't feel would totally make Gunmasters and Fighmasters out of expert types. Splitting PA limits between 1 & 2-handed weapons:

Edit: illustration & poll added!



It's kind of like how Tech PA limits are split between support and attack.

Terrible idea? (It would make longbows more interesting for Fortetechers.)

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2 hours ago, Midori Hoshi said:

We should eventually have GAS, and will likely be able to increase many of our PA caps from 40 all the way up to 50 with it.

I heard that it probably wasn't gonna come, or at least not like it was. Was that just old news I heard?

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25 minutes ago, Midori Hoshi said:

It will be a ton of work for Marm to get working, but regardless, GAS likely won't come out until the 180 level cap, which could be years from now.

Would you happen to know when we can submit new skins for enemies, weapons, etc.?

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  • Keystone changed the title to PA Limit Formalization (Picture Added!)

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