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MP is normalized across all the missions, so by and large you just have to do missions.  Generally lower ranks are easier to finish, and now some of the original basic missions provide decent MP.  Surprisingly the old classic of Military Subway C for basic class leveling wasn't hit too hard.  My personal favorite for MP grinding is Unsafe Passage but you may as well do some exploring for yourself.

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Nothing has beat <3:30ish clears of Unsafe C for early levels for me, typically requires 2 people though, solo takes a bit longer due to running around

I would recommend leveling/gearing to a point where you can clear Unsafe A in ~8mins though (solo or not) (great MP, along with a bit of money and EXP to help fund you early on)

After that just do whatever, past that point I started being less worried about MP and more about money/drops.

Fair warning spamming this shit will make you want to gouge your eyes out.

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I found the first 2 AOTI missions in Parum East District had great MP and enemies weren't too difficult. There's a few hidden corridors where you need to use your goggles to ensure an S rank. It felt like these 2 quests were a quick way to power level class types. The JP quest on P Coast is also very good, but the quest/map is a lot larger and the enemies are tougher. Me and my party were getting loading screen crashes on SEED Express and so I wasn't able to see the MP available from completing that quest. It's nice to explore different quests in all honesty. A lot of them are rather time consuming, but they make a nice change of scenery. 

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