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Partner Machine Customization Idea


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I want to bring the partner machine experience to the next level.  It started as a random idea, and it's turning into a dream.  This idea will be 3 separate functions that may be implemented together or as a combination: Appearance, Equipment, Personality.



Ideally, it would be possible to enter character creation mode just like your character does at the stylist.  The function may be added to the PM itself with or without some kind of cost.

The above may not be possible due to coding restrictions, alternatively:

Add new versions to existing PM models that will run a different line of clothing and style.  For example, 410 can have a new line of 410a, 411a, 412a... which will use the same weapons but wear different clothing and have a different hair and/or face.  And additional lines can be added for 410b, 410c, and so forth.




add a palette for PM's and let them be manageable through the PM in your room.  Let it be like the standard 6 slot palette.  PM equipment can be added like it is done on player palette.

PM equipment should be obtainable via room items shop or otherwise.  PM equipment should come preset.  For example: Granarod-Foie, Rafoie, Gifoie, Resta (just like the 450) should come as one equipment piece.

The following PM equipment restrictions should apply:  -PM cannot have equip the same piece of equipment more than once on their palette.  -Equipment have a number of points assigned, and you cannot equip past a certain threshold.

......Alternatively, separate equipment to different categories like it is for armor units.  With main weapons only being able to go in main slot, secondary weapon slot, sub weapon slot, heal slot, and so forth.




With equipment changes, you may require a different AI ruleset to handle them.  AI may be based on the PM model, or add a method to select an AI behavior of your choice.

AI with customized lines would be great.  It would require a menu that will allow you to manually input the text for the following lines:

They're cute


Where's my master?

Assist my master!

I require healing


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