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Weapon grind limit Restoration idea


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Nobody likes being unable to 10/10 a weapon, especially if it's very difficult to obtain, but we also don't want it to be too easy to 10/10 a weapon, thus there must be some kind of restriction.  The purpose of this proposal is to bring grind restoration back in a difficult, but obtainable and fair manner.



Restoring a broken grind will come in the form of a new exp system.  A weapon will gain an exp bar startin from when it first gets broken, and until it is fully restored.  The exp required will be based on the weapon rank or star rarity that should match a corresponding mission's ballpark exp value.  So, IF an A rank weapon requires 20 A rank missions to restore, then a S rank weapon will require approximately 20 S rank missions to restore.

To obtain said exp, the weapon should be used against an enemy, and gain exp on each hit based on the exp earnt when killed.

The exp required should increase with number of times broken.  With 1 break requiring 100% of exp, each level may require Exp * 1.10 ^ (times broken).  This is NOT CUMULATIVE through the weapon's lifetime.  If you break a weapon, restore it, and break it again, it should cost the same amount of exp to restore, but breaking it twice without restoration will cost the 110%.

The restoration will restore ONE level, not all of the breaks.  Further restoration will require filling the exp again.

Once the exp bar is filled, the weapon can be restored via the grinding shop or otherwise.



I'm not sure if the above idea is even viable due to coding restrictions, an alternative idea:

when you break a weapon, you earn a token of the corresponding rank, and you get one for each break.  You'll be able to equip or link this token and have it earn exp as you earn exp.  Each grind restoration will require one full token of the correct rank.

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I think this could be done by adding an item in the form of a weak skill that always deals one damage and requires you to get it to level 50 before it can be exchanged for a grind restoration token. the token can be used on the item like a photon charge and it will reset the grinds to 0/10.

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