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Set A Level Cap for Game


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I feel like I'm in the minority here , but I like to actually party and help kill things not just have someone else do it while I try and not die . Granted getting leveled or boosted I think is an accurate term, can be great. Especially for getting early EXP/MP. With high level help can grind those very quickly. Other times I do actually like to play though. And take into account the longer the mission takes, the more hits you get in which is more PA XP as well. If everything dies too fast can't really get as much. Which would force even more Solo PA leveling. Could always be that person that will simply kick high levels, but that creates something of a bad image, and seems in bad taste. People do tend to kick non PW games a lot anyways already as well.  So maybe some option when you start a mission, or maybe some command you can set so levels within a limit can join, others can't. Again probably just me that would like something like that , but I'll ask anyways.

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I think you would rather want lvl sync or something, but at same time, using weaker weps is a thing.

At same time, party description exists

One thing that could be a concern is if someone leveled past the lvl cap.

Remembered something about chat commands not being great of an idea either

Also its was rly never possible to train pas well in pugs due to blowdown and what not, not getting max target

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I was actually thinking of Level sync, but that creates even problems. Ideally a sync to leader, but keeping whatever equipment your non capped level can use/ SUV /Beast mode. I can't even guess how difficult that would be. Seems like more work than necessary, when so much work being put in already.

I hadn't thought of that, if someone reached past that cap , or the person who made the party, they would get kicked ? Hmm. Which is why I thought some command would be better, but maybe not then. I will say though that a lot of times people don't read descriptions that are right there. Even in the party name itself. Why IDK.

Blow away is pretty annoying when you're trying to target something / somethings ya :| Just the fact that there are other people in a game can change things too . So many times I try to line up enemies for a Barta type attack only to have enemies spread out chasing everyone else, screwing it up even w/o them doing a single thing to the enemies.

I guess just sticking something in the name / description is my best bet at the moment. If that doesn't work /kick.

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