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English Patch & 60 FPS / QoL Improvements


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English Patch:

60 FPS + Fixed Pallete Speed


_C1 60fps + Uncapped Pallete Speed / Menu v2
_L 0x006D2E94 0x00000001
_L 0x20382284 0x3404003C
_L 0x0069ABE9 0x0000003C
_L 0x20334B78 0x3404003C
_L 0x20334B04 0x3403003C
_L 0x20334B08 0x3402003C
_L 0x202937B4 0x46010043
_L 0x201E14CC 0x34020000
_L 0x201E1600 0x34020000


Orange Multimode Max Attack Infinity Access / Spoof Online


_C1 Multi-Mode Only Orange Missions Playable
_L 0x20003C00 0x341F0001
_L 0x20003C04 0xAC9F0000
_L 0x20003C08 0x8FBF0000
_L 0x20003C0C 0x03E00008
_L 0x20003C10 0x27BD0010
_L 0x201576B0 0x0A200F00
_L 0x201576B4 0x00000000
_L 0x201576B8 0x00000000


Remove Level / NPC Limitations 


_C0 Remove Mission Limitation + Allow Bots
_L 0x20008410 0x00000000

Texture Replacement Project:


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Hey, know this is a super old post but I was curious if you happened to know is there are any other cheat fixes for the bad slowdown in larger areas? Even at 1x on a Snapdragon 845 it slows down when the 60fps patch is active,but otherwise runs buttery smooth enhanced at 4x res & textures, etc etc. Maybe some way to disable the effect that's causing it? I've searched up and down for answers and can't find any, so completely taking a shot in the dark here. Thanks!

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