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Clothes and Parts Bug


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Due to information on old wikis, I did clothes and parts to try to get an alternate color of Voloyal Set, and when I pulled it said I got White/Aqua but I received Green/Yellow instead
I did it again, told me I got Black/Red that time, but again, in inventory it was Green/Yellow

I decided to try casino on a whim, and **that* gave me Yellow/Blue

I didn't screenshot the White/Aqua (the color I wanted), but I did screenshot it telling me I got Black/Red after I noticed something was up (see attached)



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Yea the same thing happens with the formal dress. I traded for white/yellow and it gave me the first one on the list which was the pink one. Still want the color I spent 10 hours rare farming for. Should've just left all the clothes in the npc shop like all the tests before, was the best feature clem did.

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We've updated the wiki to reflect this behaviour while it's worked on. In the meantime Marm has suggested they're happy to change the colour of the clothing to what you originally requested, but there might be a bit of a delay until time can be found to go through the requests.

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Today, I traded for a Formal Dress, chose Blue/Navy, and I received Purple/Rust instead. I thought the default color for that outfit was Pink, so I'm a little confused as to the true nature of this bug. I think it may be worth noting that upon exchanging the materials, the confirmation message was oddly unspecific:

Screenshot from 2020-12-12 16-23-37.png

Screenshot from 2020-12-12 16-23-43.png

Screenshot from 2020-12-12 16-26-55.png

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