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Mil's Bug Report/Adjustment Thread


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Okay I've spent several hours doing research on this sword/shield thing. Found some interesting unique scenarios, but the majority I think I've covered.

Humanoids ALL have sword, shield, or both (except maybe Renvolt Magashi who was maybe fixed during the last event?) when they should have none in all missions/difficulties. Almost half of the regular robots have shields.

The exception here is Robotanical Gardens where the blue robots have no shield while every other mission with them does, and the bow users have sword instead of a shield. Maybe this can help isolate what's causing all of this.

The missing cane/boot thing I'm guessing was intentional for the Dusty Mines thing? So the shield on pannons, delsabens, jarbas, etc. includes the missing MST/EVP and the icons for cane/boot just aren't visibly there but the stats are?


Here's a complete breakdown of everything I've found so far. I plan to maybe update a little tomorrow, but I've covered the majority of missions.

People can leave comments on the sheet if they want to mention something.

And then here are the notes I took and missions I covered.

Beach Bum Beast C
Bal Soza (orange cane) always has shield, gives bonus DFP/EVP/STA/EXP, (blue cane) always has sword, does *not* give bonus ATP/ATA/EXP (was fixed?)

SEED Express C
Pannons/Delsabens that have sword+shield buff are missing boot/cane buffs.
Bal Soza buffs identical to Beach Bum Beast (orange/shield, blue/sword, only orange gives bonus EXP)
Mother brain mechanical arms take half damage to techs (should be normal).

Lightning Beasts C
Turrets can cause shock (shouldn't)
Bal Soza identical bug

Lightning Beasts S
Jarbas that should have sword/shield/cane/boot are missing boot/cane (identical to Pannon/Delsaben bug). Cannot verify yet, but I'd guess the same is for Gainozeros on S2.

So far, it looks like enemies that have shield which are tech related are missing the boot/cane buff. For example, the following combinations are possible for Pannons, Delsabens and Jarbas
-Shield/Cane/Boot (these are always bound together for these enemy types)

Train Rescue C
Rogue Jasse *all* spawn with shield, is affecting DFP/EVP/STA/EXP
Gohma Methna *all* spawn with shield, is affecting DFP/EVP/STA/EXP
Rogue Ogg *all* spawn with sword, is affecting ATP/ATA/EXP
Gohma Dilla appear normally in A1/A2, but all have shield with affected DFP/EVP/STA/EXP in A3

Lab Recovery C
2 variants did not yield buffed Jarbas, but any with shields should also appear with shield/cane/boot.

Sunken Shrine C
Bal Soza blue cane with sword
Stateria with no buffs (normal)

Crimson Beast C
In relics, a few Distova had swords (maybe spawn to location sine Vahra's can spawn there, unique case).
Shielded Jarba does not have cane/boot like it should.

Endrum Remnants C
Special Ops Kanohne *all* spawn with sword, is affecting ATP/ATA/EXP
GSM-Seeker *all* spawn with shield, is affecting DFP/EVP/STA/EXP.
Bomalta's spinning attack uses an ATP modifier that is higher than normal.

The Dual Sentinel C

Aquatic Mama C - (this mission should have zero buffed enemies of any kind)
Special Ops Solda all spawn with sword, is affecting ATP/ATA/EXP
Special Ops Assault all spawn with sword/shield, is affecting ATP/ATA/DFP/EVP/STA/EXP
Last spawn of A2, several Special Ops Solda spawn with sword/shield (unique case/spawn locked?)
A3 first room, GSM Tirentos spawned with sword/shield.
Special Ops Vobis all spawn with sword, is affecting ATP/ATA/EXP
A1 3rd spawn of enemies includes Solda + YG01Z Bugs. Bugs have sword buff (unique case)
A3 third room, GSM Bomalta spawned are named Tirentos (naming bug)

Fight for Food C
Pannons with a shield are missing the cane/boot.

Dark Satellite C
Gaozorans have Sword, does not seem to be affecting EXP (fixed like blue cane Bal Soza?)
Crowned Gaozoran has sword/shield. Should NOT have sword, but SHOULD have shield here
Pannons same shield with missing cane/boot issue.

Seed Awakened C
All gaozorans have swords
Deljabens/pannons with shields are missing the cane/boot.

True Darkness C
All gaozorans have swords

Sinner's Banquet C
Armed servant Obme all have shields
Armed servant Basta all have swords
All tech casters have swords

Lonely Lab C
Bal Soza (orange cane) all have shields
Bil de Vear with shield missing cane/boot
Gohma Methna all spawn with shields
Renvolt Magashi spawns with sword/shield. The EXP seems the same though, so internal verification on this one would be nice.

Awoken Serpent C

Dusty Mines C
Bil de Vears with shields missing cane/boot

Sakura Blast C

Robotanical Garden C
Blue robots do *not* have shields
Armed Servant Obme have swords *instead* of shields (should have neither)

I'm guessing the pattern here is that, internally, the cane is used as a completely different buff to enemies (such as preventing freeze/stun to the kog nadds in dusty mines). So to avoid this on ALL of these mobs, their other EVP/MST buffs were moved into the shield for them specifically.

Overall, save for some unique sword/shield cases, humanoids are the main issues. All seems to be benefiting from sword, shield, or both though. It's tough to verify Renvolt Magashi, but the rest I'm confident are getting ATP or DFP boosts (or both). 

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Posted (edited)

I've finished filling in the list in the linked sheet. I'll summarize a tl;dr

Universal Cases (mostly)

・all Humanoids should have their relevant stats nerfed by the multi they are receiving if it can't be figured out how to neutralize sword/shield. I did not find a single humanoid in any mission that did not have matching sword and/or shield. To clarify, no humanoids ever appeared on official with buffs of any kind (sword, shield, or otherwise), including Renvolt Magashi.

・Renvolt Magashi has sword/shield, but EXP seems normal. Some clarification if his file has been modified would be helpful if it needs fixing or not.

・all orange cane Bal Sozas (both fire and lightning variants) have shield which is affecting stats in all missions. No Bal Soza ever appeared on official with sword OR shield

・Bysha type-Otsu32 all spawn with shields and it affects their stats in every mission except Robotanical Gardens. No Bysha or GSM mechs ever appeared on official with shield.

・GSM-05 Seeker and GSM-05M Tirentos all spawn with shields in all missions

・enemies missing cane/boot I'm guessing is intentional due to using the boot for other purposes (Dusty Mines)

・AMF Heavy Infantry's Zonde causes blow away. On official the attack had no crowd control of any kind.


Unique Cases:

・A4 Sleeping Warriors Svaltus/Polavohra with sword icon and affects stats (makes S2 really, really painful...) on all map layouts. Sleeping Warriors should contain zero enemy modifiers besides crowned Badira (meaning no swords on any enemy)


Adjustment Requests:

・SEED-Vance/Vitace tentacle ATP modifier should go down more

・Kog Nadd trample ATP modifier should go down

・GSM-05 Bomalta spinning ATP modifier should go down

・Rappy Gugg/Igg have 200% MST. Due to the damage formula, this makes them excessively tanky considering they cannot be statused and take half damage. Please consider making this 130-140% MST.


Misc: Aquatic Mama has various enemy stat bugs, but if humanoids are fixed, they aren't really an issue


I've arranged these in order of play impact, meaning I'd prefer if at least Humanoids can be given priority. Their ATP/TP stats in particular are simply ridiculous.


Edited by milranduil
added bolded text clarification to indicate what official was like for all extraneous sword/shields. also added AMF Heavy Infantry zonde blowaway
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Posted (edited)

Found that the Svaltus + sword buff is not unique, but rather bound to relics. Sleeping Warriors, Citadel of Sand, Holy Grounds all spawn the buffed Svaltus, but it remains that Fantastic Voyage does not, nor does Sunken Shrine. I need to verify Dual Sentinel, but I'd guess they're buffed based on this pattern. Hopefully this helps identify what the issue is because it's so annoying 🤒

edit: verified Dual Sentinel

Svaltus w/sword: sleeping warriors, dual sentinel, holy grounds, citadel of sand

Svaltus no buffs (normal): fantastic voyage, sunken shrine

Edited by milranduil
verified Dual Sentinel
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Posted (edited)

Found a new bug: damage enemies that cast their version of Grants (most enemies in WB, some holy grounds enemies) seems to not use MST when calculating damage done to player. To clarify:

-the attack should be treated as a physical attack in that it can be blocked (works currently)

-the attack should scale with enemy TP (currently might scale off of enemy ATP instead of TP? hard to tell, but Ollakas deal more with this attack than Olgohmons which is backwards since Olgohmons have more TP)

-the attack should use the player's MST to calculate damage taken (not sure if it uses DFP or nothing, but it's definitely not MST currently).


Will add to OP

Edited by milranduil
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Upon further inspection, it looks like any enemy tech that can be blocked is I'd guess using ATP instead of TP, and DFP instead of MST for calculation. Dulk Fakis ramegid is hitting me as a newman MF with 46% dark armor for 1300, basically the same as most of the other attacks it does. Fortunately I don't think there are too many cases of this:

-Mother Brain's ra-techs/debuffs

-Dulk Fakis & Dark Falz tech casts

-enemy Grants (as mentioned above, Olgohmons, Ageetas, Kagajibari, etc.)

I'll edit this post and OP if I can remember further cases, but I'm reasonably confident this is what's happening.

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  • milranduil changed the title to Mil's Bug Report/Adjustment Thread

Updated OP with all bug fixes, simplified a few, and added new ones regarding:

-enemy attack modifiers using too much ATA (various cases)

-sleeping warriors layout spawning 1 svaltus only regardless of difficulty

-regrants dealing 4% as opposed to 1% of damage dealt to player

Edited by milranduil
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