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3 hours ago, Fruzsina said:

Here's the video.

Now me memba dat me did such videos bout pso2. Me nuh gwine mek ih ah hobby, jus one-time. Here's ah closed youtube link yuh can check:

Still me tink such gameplay videos shud bi followed wid liv comments. Suh eff yuh nuh hab english speech practice ih may bi ah chance 4 yuh 2 hit both rabbits wid one shot.
Will bi gud 2 see anedda yuh psobb video. Bout quality, visual quality eena WoW video did gud anough 4 me, all dat ih missing a sum liv comments, an wud bi kool. ❤️
And, of course, psu videos will be very looking forward, and if you decide to try making it with speech you have a chance to become most viewable on clem, because not so many people playing psu on record those days. Also, if my way to speak killing you - tell me and I'll switch. xD

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@SHOTGUN Thank you for posting your video about pso2 ❤️

Well, when i made my vids, i weren't had any goal to become the "most viewed", and nor in Clementine. They can be either funny, a challange, or simply with friends. The main reason for the vid, is to every now and then i can check them, well as whom i desire to share it with. ❤️

Speaking of live comments, you mean, like i talk to a microphone? Or live comments like.... when someone streaming a vid, i and you all could see their comments?

Well i wouldn't do speach in any game, mainly i would get nervous, and then i couldn't do a good performance. Like when someone have camera shy.
It would affect the quality way too badly.
Well as the live comments on the live video, would be another source of distraction. (and said by the one who made that pso vid. with the clogged screen, i will show you soon. not today, but soon, promise ❤️)

When i played WoW, i were almost never had the chanse or patience to chat. Because i were either busy with healing (and crying) as resto shamy, or focus on dps as affliction lock, which i weren't that good at... Even the vid shows how silly i were. Such as forget refresh a dot, and try to fix with cast a different one :*D

:*D I don't usually require to speak in english, since in my area, anyone know, and speak in hungarian language. 

Well, the way you type sometimes hard to read, but i guess i deserve that. 😄 I used to had a few friends from Brazil, and Mexico, and we used to talk in english. But sometimes they forgot that i don't speak their language. So i decided to type in hungarian the next day as punishment, 😄 It would be forgivable, if i would type "normally" 😄  but i pick my words, like the way you did. 😄

So google would get hard time to understand me 😄

For example..... saying... "Hogy az a" something something something..... would stand for "What the" i would type it as.... "Hodzs aza"
or say.... a word.... "Jó" stands for "good" i'll modify it to "Jáu"

Just because i can :*D

So it feels like taking my own medicine :*D But long as i sort of understand what you pick, i'm fine with it 😄

In the future i'll def make a few vids, that will be posted here, as i once mention to RJ. And all honestly, if nothing else. But i'll try to make a video of the quests i love to do 😄

If i would make a to do list on what sort of vids i would make.

  • First stepps (inspired by your comment, but i don't think i should be the one who should do that. Since Clem is my only experience. On the other hand, it would be a fun experience to show how silly i am)
  • Favorite quests
  • Missions with friend(s)
  • Challanges (as earlier mentioned, to spice my game up)
  • Every single mission
  • Tipps and tricks

The order of the vids are of course not set. Since if no one would to be on a camera with me, i wont stop it there 😄
I could learn a trick, or find a good mission (that will eventually leads to the every mission) that deserve an attention, it wont be delayed.

Well when i say "trick" i probably wont bring any spoilers, for those who ever play the game back in time. But i bet and mere hope that not i'm the only one, who haven't been here before Clementine. And so they might love to see them ^^

But any sort of video suggestion (of course only about the game) I'll willing to check out once i make it's topic ^^ ❤️

Well i guess i've talked too much about this metter for a while :*D But if there's any question, i'll willing to answer 😄

P.s.: Once i'll decide to start making videos, i'll be sure to host two topic, one for ideas, one to dump the links 😄


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1 hour ago, Fruzsina said:

Well i wouldn't do speach in any game, mainly i would get nervous, and then i couldn't do a good performance. Like when someone have camera shy.

Yeh, an dat a wah mek yuh should try, bikaaz ongle way to get mind freedom a to face yuh fears. Lickkle training wid microphone recorder 5 minutes ah day will help, just like yuh favourite sims training charisma wid mirror xD

Me glad to si dat yuh hab sum basic ideas fah yuh videos an nuh going to give up. So fight yuh worries an do it as long as yuh waan ih to do an way yuh waan ih to bi.

1 hour ago, Fruzsina said:

Challanges (as earlier mentioned, to spice my game up)

I have a friend who like to do my challenges for prizes, so maybe I'll throw you some good challenge ideas when clem returns

1 hour ago, Fruzsina said:

But sometimes they forgot that i don't speak their language

Once I played with English dude, and during our questing process I forgot that he's english and start talking to him in pure russian, and he didn't answered at all, until I notices why he became so silent xD I talk a lot of different languages and no one is perfect X_x And sometimes I'm confusing it because I think in meanings and not words, so not matter what language I speak, for me it's all the same xD

1 hour ago, Fruzsina said:

Because i were either busy with healing (and crying) as resto shamy

Always hate when you playing as priest and mashing heal button, and your party members trying to chat with you. "Hey, why you ignoring me" "Make a guess xD"

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@SHOTGUN 🙂 Sims isn't the best reference, i mean in one day's "hard work" you can get married to a stranger, or basically infinite, if we count sims 3's perk system. (not at the same time of course)
But even your example would take ages, even for a sim. Since the sim would be like, say two word, and then x-ed 😄

I don't mind to do challanges, long as it's reasonable. 😄 And don't worry, i don't need prize, i'll only seek fun ❤️

Such accident with me, didn't happend to yet, fortunatly 😄 :*D I find russian language really interesting, especially how cyrill looks. ^^

Priests are... "unique", Especially if one play as disc.... 🙂 i could tell stories for ages... But if i would need to pick the number one face palm moment.... (luckily it wasn't me) Enter a dungeon, low level, with an agressive heal :*D And by agressive, i mean, his only spell in his book were holy fire. And rarely ever heal or holy shield.

Long story short, while the trash mob weren't caused much issue, but i stopped to do any dps, when the healer decided to pull the boss :*D

And in wow i hate one thing... The blame is Always on the tank and the heal...

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3 hours ago, Fruzsina said:

i mean in one day's "hard work" you can get married to a stranger

ahahahah, not so global xD

3 hours ago, Fruzsina said:

The blame is Always on the tank and the heal...

Problem of old school mmos, when I played as priest in chinese games, I always took bodyguards with me, because after dungeons it was popular situation when members leaving party and trying to kill me because of any reason on their choice xD so required someone to make them impossible to get close range to me xD

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@SHOTGUN I not exactly sure what you mean by "chinese games", but lone healers, or frail classes become easy targeted. Open world mmos like WoW where you can globally pvp, i tend to pick tougher healers. That's why i love to pick a Shaman or Druid. They have good survival talents, and spells. Even if priests usually tend to heal better in general

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  • 1 month later...

Made a thread because I don't want to derail this one too much.

My hobbies that are not listed in there involve learning about things from a different point of view, and trying to figure out the history, association, and why these things happened.

Did you know that there have been more "gods" in recorded history than civilazations in the same time period, not counting idols? Thanks polytheism ❤️

Philosophy is a hell of a drug.

I Also enjoy playing "Devil's Advocate," because unless you see both sides, you can gain nothing.

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