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[Download] English Voice Patch


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You're here for one thing only, so lets get to it.               


   --- English Player Voices & English Enemies ---                                       --- Japanese Player Voices & English Enemies ---

EngEng.png.169a3eee52e8b5df8512ea510c08b3d7.png           or...             JPEng.png.500d9e809b46e49efee251331555f2d3.png

                          Alternate Download                                                                                      Alternate Download


To install, simply place into your DATA folder of your Clementine directory, right click and extract contents into the folder, and accept the overwrites. If you don't get the overwrite message, you've done something wrong.  Be sure to make a copy of the original DATA Files you are replacing, just in case you'd ever like to switch back.

Replaced voices include the following...

  • Player Characters
  • Humanoid Enemy Types (40+)
  • Bosses (The ones that speak.)
  • Shop Attendants
  • NPC Partners
  • Casino Voiceover

This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Agrajag, so please -- give them some love. Also many thanks to Shade for helping provide missing files for this patch. 

If anything seems to be missing, please make sure to reply to this post and provide proof. Enjoy!

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Hello! Thank you for making this mod!

I was curious and hope to spur the idea of a future update that will allow a dual language option in the ingame System menu.... If there's anyone who'd like to try, you're free to do so!

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Posted (edited)

Well, as far as I know Gnome lost his launcher code, but if not, it can be easily added to wrench menu.
P.S.: but may occur copyright difficulties?

Edited by SHOTGUN
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