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Did dev. team catch COVID-19 and turn into SEED?


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  1. 1. Did they?

    • Yes. With guardians at home in quarantine not fighting SEED, this is possible.
    • No. Bored, out-of-work hair dressers cut their computer cables.

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There was an update on Discord on April 30th.


Hi everyone, I'm making a quick post to let everyone know what's going on since I see a lot of people asking. I'm really sorry that there hasn't been any information or updates with Clementine lately.

As you know, we recently did another closed test for Clementine, primarily because we really want to make sure that the early game drops progression is fun and engaging. Unfortunately with the recent changes to how the item table works with SQL, and how item data is stored and loaded in general, there were a lot of unexpected issues with inventory sync which I'm glad we were able to catch and fix. Along with other issues with Synthesis and drops that were fixed, things are generally going pretty well with Clem. However with everything going on lately, it should come as no real surprise that a lot of us have been knocked sideways a little, and while work is still continuing, it has slowed briefly. There's a very real pressure from Clementine right now, whether it be this need to get it done "soon", or to get broken or downright missing game systems functioning. It's tough to think that mechanics like GAS, which I may never be able to implement, are now key requirements for PSU to be considered finished, fun, or playable. I understand that these things have the power to sway how the game plays or feels, which is why it needs a lot of thought and how to figure out the best possible path for Clementine now.

That being said... Work is still continuing, don't worry. Synthesis works a lot better than it did, and a lot of balance issues are being addressed and tested with missions, PA's, drops, etc. One thing that is an issue right now though, is NPC partners. I can't guarantee that they will be available at launch due to how ridiculously buggy they are, but I will do my best to polish these things, as will the rest of us.

Thank you for being as patient as you are, and for supporting us for as long as you have. It means a lot. Stay safe!


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