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hi i have a quick question


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I am going forward assuming that all the account data from the last public test, died with the last public test session. I don't think preserving all the characters from the test to the next test would be very easy with all the changes that they are doing in the development posts. Plus it doesn't really help if they open the new servers up, everyone hops onto their lvl 100+ characters, and no one notices a game breaking low level bug or problem that makes the game unplayable for anyone new.

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So far i know, we had a really big boost in this testing period. So our levels, items, photon art levels. (Especially when i've joined) When these super PA booster weapons got out. It would be unfair with those who just started. On the other hand, i also understand that you guys put your time, and effort to obtain these things. But unfortunatly it were only a test period, so it were only for the fun. If everything is correct, this will be the last and big one.

Once the game is out, i'd like to feel how the game plays out. Without the boosts, and the all the missing things. such as the item broad thing.
So personally, either way happening, i'd start over from scratch, for the best experience

Hype is there!

Stay safe, and healthy ❤️

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