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Why is the physical/ps2 version of Phantasy Star Universe Ambition Of The Illuminus so expensive

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Just a question that I curious to know is why the hell is this version of the game so expensive I can understand that some games are expensive due to limited print but there has to be more then one reason for the physical copy's case. It's just jarring to me on how the original PSU on ps2 and pc are cheap as heck but the expansion isn't? I mean I glad there is a private server of the expansion version of PSU even though it's offline for a few months hope that they fix the offline story mode to be playable and all the other missions that would be nice. Anyway does any have an theories on why this Phantasy star game is the most expensive compared to the other game in the series except for PSO episodes 1 and 2 plus on game cube? 

P.S: I know that the series isn't that popular in the west but still curious. 

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