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What were your favorite Major Events?


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http://www.psupedia.info/Major_events.html to refresh your memory you can check them all out there. My top five would probably be...

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Maximum Attack G
  3. Great Arms Race
  4. Maximum Attack X
  5. Guardians Chronicle

Absolute Zero is probably my most favorite because I made most of my meseta from that event selling Ank Buti synthesis boards.

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Looking at that list makes me a little sad. I only remember the first few events, Shred the Darkness being the last and least remembered.

My top five would be:

1. Maximum Attack G - Way too much fun. Such a magical event, especially since I had never played PSO before. By the time this event had come, I was already so taken by what I had seen of PSO and had so much respect for it. Man, that music... And hearing so many PSO vets gush over the event made it even better. I'm pretty sure it made my love for PSO even stronger once I did finally play it. All the old outfits (and typos lol Formal Set) and the references to old Phantasy Star games in the event... I went back and beat pretty much every one of them after this. What an amazing event.

2. Operation Firebreak - LET'S DO IT! LET'S BURNING RANGERRRRRRRRRRS!!! The music, the fire, the friends... What an odd first event for PSU... And a good one! Filled with Sonic masks, Puyo Puyo, and Twin Kitty Claws! Still talk about this one with friends to this day. FLY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!!

3. Winter Mission Carnival - This one had the different "letter" combinations for what boss you would fight at the end of missions, right? I remember being really impressed with memorizing all the combos at the time. This one was really fun, being in an actual carnival. Oh and the multiplayer hoverboard race! That was pretty neat. I actually still have video captures of me playing this event! The best part was of course the oversight on Sega's part. After the event was over and the door to it closed, if you exited Lumilass, you'd be facing the event's entrance across 3rd Floor. If you kept your camera facing that direction, the door would open upon approaching. It took a little bit but, of course, they later patched this out. Classic!

4. Winter Event - All I remember from this event is taking my little alt Beast girl (because omf everyone had one of those) from Lvl 1 to like Lv 80 in one day or something absolutely ridiculous like that. This event had so much EXP. I'm remembering narrow train levels with TONS of robots. Yeah, this was the event that kickstarted my monster DPS Beast girl, and being an Acrotecher main made playing as her such a great palette cleanser... When she wasn't missing from Beast ATA. lmao

5. Shred the Darkness - I feel like I might be getting this event mixed up with another event. Wasn't this the one where they brought back that Purifier key item and you had to clear Raffon Field missions of fire and SEED outbreaks? And staff was running around as Vivienne and Helga and a frik'n HUGE wave of people were chasing them around Gurhal? lmao If not, I don't remember much else about Shred the Darkness aside from that. Whatever this event was I described was fun!

A shame I never did get to experience the 1Up event. That was around the time earrrly on that I took a break from PSU. All I can really ask for in terms of events on Clementine is: whether or not you can bring back the original events, replicating them or not, I just want events where everyone works together to hit milestones. I loved logging in and seeing another milestone hit and everyone reaping the benefits of whatever bonus we unlocked. Super encouraging.

tl;dr i love this game

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I mean, there's a lot of text in there.
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Mine was the 6th Anniversary Thanks Festa ( JP ) it was PSU's final event, but i had some of my favorite missions in the game, this was it's poster, it had the girls from PSP2i, G colony played the Carnival theme, some of the missions in this event were Protectors V, Zeta, Kappa, and Iota. NOT the snow mission, something better, luckily all these missions are saved on rewrite, they're only used for events.290382274_ScreenShot2019-04-15at7_56_39PM.png.109ef2ac6eb88524f7898b0fa3118f8b.png

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Definitely MAG. I loved the PSO theme. My cousin and I were both really into PSU at the time, and we played MAG together for hours upon hours during its run. I remember he was awake for the last 24 hours straight of the event, trying to finish as high on the kill count leaderboard as he could. We both earned Spread Needles, but he ranked way higher than I did haha.

When I started playing PSO again on Ephinea, I decided I wanted to do Challenge Mode eventually to collect an S-rank Needle even though I main a Hunter. It's like MAG coming full circle. 🙂

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1. MAG mostly for the PSO experience.  Not sure if i did get a Spread Needle G or not, memory is a bit fuzzy.
2. 1up, i felt hyped at that time.
3. Shread the Darkness, i recall the name but not sure what i did haha.

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