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Missing Animation?

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Hello Clementine~
i notice there was animation missing while playing on Clementine so i made a video showing what is missing i guess...
but when you play on AMF the mission that has like 5 blocks with the casts, Well the blue cast that's using twin machine gun's can actually pull you towards them if they shoot you in the back/behind which is bad,
the wrong Animation gets used when you get hit from behind and uses the front Animation, i don't know about the other enemies/bosses how bad it can be.
but yeah that's all folks.

Keep up the good work everyone and have a good day~

One more thing, the animation does show as well for all weapons, i played on xbox 360/PSU JP and the animation was on there as well when getting hit from behind.

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Awesome. I had no idea there was a unique hit animation for back attacks. That's useful to have. Hopefully Marm sees this and figures it out for Clem.

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