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Server Maintenance - 15th December 2019


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General Changes:
       - Party Multiplier per member has been decreased to 10%.
       - A new Type, Acrogunner, has been introduced. Currently Acrogunner will be named “Acromaster” until the client can be patched to have the name changed.

       - Changed Acrofighter's requirements to 5 Hunter / 3 Ranger to make space for Acrogunner, which will use 3 Hunter / 5 Ranger as requirements.
       - Guntecher’s Support TECH cap is now level 40.
       - Diopside has been moved from VR: Space 150-174 to VR: Space 190-199.
       - Fixed an issue where Gunmaster’s MST modifier was starting with the level 20 value at level 1 and decreasing upon leveling up.
       - Fixed an issue with SEED Magashi’s level 190 drop incorrectly being dropped at level 175.
       - Fixed an issue where Boss stat modifiers were loading in the incorrect order, as well as some incorrect modifiers.
       - Tweaked Boss AI for De Ragan.
       - Fixed an issue with De Rol Le's armor not breaking, as well as his exploding minions not dying.
       - Ra- TECHNICs and Gi- TECHNICs now have Limit Break capabilities.
       - Scorched Valley’s HP modifier has been reduced to 70%.
       - Protector’s Lambda is now available at Moatoob’s Ice Plains, and has unique clear box drops.
       - Protector’s Zeta is now available at Falz Memoria.
       - Airboard Rally is now playable at the 5th Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony.
       - Jellen and Deband have had their multipliers halved at all levels.
             Lvl 1: 11% -> 5.5%
             Lvl 2: 15% -> 7.5%
             Lvl 3: 19% -> 9.5%
             Lvl 4: 23% -> 11.5%
             Lvl 5: 27% -> 13.5%
       - Enemy immunity towards incapacitation has been changed. 

       - The following enemies do not resist incapacitation:
                      - Bal Soza
                      - Mizura
                      - Komazli
                      - Gaozoran
                      - Zasharogan
                      - Jaggo
                      - Rappy

                      - AMF Heavy Infantry
                      - Armed Servant (Basta)
                      - Armed Servant (Obme)
                      - Armed Servant (Ozuna)
                      - Armed Servant (Taguba)
                      - Rogue (Jasse)
                      - Rogue (Ogg)
                      - Rogue Mazz
                      - Rogue Wikko
                      - SEED-Guardian (Kn)
                      - SEED-Guardian (Sa)
                      - SEED-Guardian (Sh)
                      - SEED-Guardian (Tw)
                      - SEED-Lab staff
                      - Special Ops (Assault)
                      - Special Ops (Kanohne)
                      - Special Ops (Solda)
                      - Special Ops (Vobis)

                      - Bysha type-Koh21
                      - Bysha type-Otsu32
                      - Gohma Dilla
                      - Gohma Methna
                      - GSM-05 Seeker
                      - GSM-05B Bomalta
                      - GSM-05M Tirentos
                      - YG-01K BUGGE
                      - YG01U BUGGES
                      - YG-01Z BUG

             The following weapons have had their SE boost increased:
                       - Gi Gue Laser -> 2.5x
                       - Combat Cannon -> 2x
                       - Anti-Android Rifle -> 3x
                       - Mirage Crusade/Mirage Crusade+ -> 2x
                       - Komazli Rod -> 2x
                       - Happy Rappy Parasol -> 2.25x
                       - Mirage Storm -> 2.5x
                       - Chaos Sorcerer Rod -> 2.5x
                       - Evil Curst, Solferino -> 2x
                       - Diopside -> 2.5x
                       - Alchemist Shadow -> 2x
                       - Divine Raikou SE+ -> 2x

             The following weapons have had their sound effect fixed:
                       - Gudda Plasma
                       - Final Impact
                       - Gabridant

             The following weapons have had their names corrected:
                       - Illegal Testament is now called “Ill Gill Testament.”
                       - Shippudohtoh is now spelled “Shippudotoh.”

             The following weapons have had their normal attack modifiers adjusted:
                       - Axe -> 150%
                       - Sword -> 130%
                       - Double Saber -> 85%
                       - Dagger -> 85%
                       - Knuckle -> 85%
                       - Twin Dagger -> 85%
                       - Twin Claw -> 85%
                       - Twin Saber -> 85%

             The following weapons have had their set bonus fixed:
                       - Missouri S012
                       - Missouri RX4

             The following weapons have had their visual effects fixed:
                       - Sunriser

Experimental formula changes:
          - A new damage formula has been introduced to fix issues with DFP not protecting players enough and Deband / Zalure not doing their job.
          - All of these changes apply to TP/MST as well.

            Ele. = 1 + ((Weapon_Element% / 151.5))

            Player -> Enemy: (Critical * ((ATP / 3.7) * PA Mod. * Ele. * ATP_Buff - (DFP/3)) * (2000/(2000+DFP)) * DFP_Buff)

            Enemy -> Player: (Critical * ((ATP / 2.5) * PA Mod. * Ele. * ATP_Buff - (DFP/1.5)) * (1050/(1050+DFP)) * DFP_Buff)

We’ll be tweaking the formula in the next couple of patches to get it ready for release.

The condition interpreter for missions has been rewritten. Mission select, start, clear and fail conditions should be better handled now. This might cause a couple of bugs though.

The randomizer has been changed from using the Mersenne Twister structure to using PCG.

Along with this randomizer change, we are experimenting with variable drop rates for items. This means if an item has not come into circulation after a certain amount of time, its rate will increase to get that item into circulation.


As mentioned near the top, Protectors Lambda and Protectors Zeta are now available to play. Protectors Lambda will be available at Moatoob's Northern Continent: Ice Plains. Protectors Zeta will be available at Falz Memoria on the GUARDIANS Colony.

Clear box information for these events can be found on the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LBw5JooIWUVYFtFKiTB4HfxjFgTWbIwWOrC3TeaTHNY/edit?usp=sharing

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On 12/15/2019 at 2:05 AM, Kyu said:

       - A new Type, Acrogunner, has been introduced. Currently Acrogunner will be named “Acromaster” until the client can be patched to have the name changed.

       - Changed Acrofighter's requirements to 5 Hunter / 3 Ranger to make space for Acrogunner, which will use 3 Hunter / 5 Ranger as requirements.

Some ideas...

- I would make the requirements Protranser Lv3 & Acrofighter Lv5, since the type looks like a combo of A rank Protranser weapons and S rank Acrofighter/Guntecher weapons, mostly.

- If the goal is to have good single-target damage per shot, I would make the angle of spread for crossbows narrower and the blast radius for grenades smaller.

- Also, to make every single-shot count, I would increase the range of all bullets (at least for 1-handed guns), and PAs with reduced range like Yak Maga & Penetrating Hit would have their range reduction ignored. Penetrating Hit might get some use then!

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On 12/15/2019 at 1:05 AM, Kyu said:

 - Jellen and Deband have had their multipliers halved at all levels.
             Lvl 1: 11% -> 5.5%
             Lvl 2: 15% -> 7.5%
             Lvl 3: 19% -> 9.5%
             Lvl 4: 23% -> 11.5%
             Lvl 5: 27% -> 13.5%

Alright, but why though? Smaller numbers than on final JP =/= greater fun. When it comes to balance like that, you really would be better served just leaving it like official, if not tweaking it up just a bit if it needs it.

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Have the incapacitate resistance changed for other monsters than what is listed?  Normally, I'd be dropping about 1 in 6-7 in Unsafe Passage S (Killer Shot L33), but now Nothing Drops at all.  Great for leveling something like Killer Shot, not so great for gameplay in megid hell with low STA characters.

Experienced the same with leveling Killer Shot on another character;  Nothing was getting incapacitated that was previously.

I'll have to have a couple of runs with my Wartecher;  Twin Reapers have an Incapacitate effect on them, and see how many things drop from incapacitate that should...

*edit* One run through Scarred Planet A, with a L55 Wartecher(9), Twin Reapers (38% Ground); The only creatures that suffered Incap were 2 Bal Soza (L50);  Normally, something of everything would Incap - Go Bajilla, Galmoro, Volfu, Bal Soza, Rappy, and Grass Assassin.  Please double check the changes.

Edited by Kryslin
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I would argue that point that playing solo, just at the level of what you're facing, you need every advantage you can get.  Prior to this change I had one-shotted L55 Rappies (Hp for each was 16,554).  If it wasn't broken before, why'd it get fixed?  It reduces Killer Shot to a PP sucking, low powered neutral bullet of little use.

*Edit*  If there was anything broken about it, it was the fact that large enemies were being Incapacitated with Killer Shot.  I know My L55 Guntecher(8) isn't doing 3-4K a shot, so why'd an L75 Ubrakabra drop after three shots after spawn with Killer Shot?

Not everyone plays in a group, you know.

Edited by Kryslin
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  • Moderators
23 hours ago, RiggedGaming said:

Alright, but why though? Smaller numbers than on final JP =/= greater fun. When it comes to balance like that, you really would be better served just leaving it like official, if not tweaking it up just a bit if it needs it.

This was needed tweaking. Since the damage formula has been changed those values have the same, and in some cases, bigger effect. If anything damage went up, we want to make sure we keep the same balance levels as JP so this needed to be done.

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I know that incap is somewhat a problem to some people but its a part of game? I’m just saying cause incap is extremely useful for soloing. As stated above with wartecher incap claws that was a huge favorite of mine to use.


Look at current state of the game you almost always play with constant groups of masterforces that feel much stronger than any other master class currently. 


Join a game and be constantly lagged by the constant use of a ton of powerful and bright techs that make my screen hard to look at. I run on low end graphics too and i’m sure i’m not the only player who can’t afford a high end computer so that i can see the array of extremely bright colors that lag me pretty hard.


The point I'm getting too is that maybe fightmaster PA nerfs can be reverted so that there could be a little bit diversity in the types of damage that is seen on screen more often. (Also knuckles would be cool to see being utilized for once)


Along with incap as much as it “bothers” some it is a part of the game that went unchanged for a long time until AAR was introduced. Once the server wipes I'm sure people wont really be having AARs like they do now so it wont be a problem. Me personally I would like to have gunmaster performance similar to the masterforce meta that is going on right now with huge differences in damage between the classes is prevalent and would show a sense of equality in damage with a proper incap fix. 


The whole “problem” with incap was based from a mission (Scorched Valley) that was taking a frustrating amount of time to complete without incap. Now SV is even longer and even more unplayable than what it was before. (Unless group of epd masterforces of course)


Endgame for all classes n not just masterforce is the point i’m getting to. Equality.

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I agree.  I've had too many groups go "LoL Noob, GTFO" when a L50 ish character shows up (despite the fact nearly all of my Technics are 21+, and nearly all of my PA's are 21+, and I meet the restrictions for the mission).

I got tired of it, because I do know what I'm doing, and decided to solo the game again (I made to level cap on XBox 360 the day before shutdown).  Part of playing solo is using things like incap for all it's worth.  In some instances, it's a really effective way to deal with bullet resistant mobs (of which there are a lot).  Less so after your elemental bullets hit L31, but still very effective.

Also, I'm not screaming "Revert the Changes!" I am asking that the changes be double checked, because mobs that you were capable of incapacitating before the update you are no longer capable of doing so,  It's either that, or the chance for Incap has dropped by about a factor of 10.

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Any mob that isn’t on that list, cannot be incapped. Their is a few enemies that’s not on the current list that may need to be added in the future. 

This isn’t a new thing and it hasn’t happend because of SV, it was like this months back when we had zeta and continued into other S4’s then finally we was in the same situation in SV. The reason why this was done is because on JP or Xbox incap would never be used to this extent, it was used on a select enemies only, it’s quite evident why.... it makes the game so dull, killershot/megid over and over...theirs more depth in Pac-Man. SV’s HP is just too high, reducing that is the fix, not killershot :)

Masterforce is a powerhouse, but bare in mind it’s got most of its GAS now,, it doesn’t get much better for them. The other classes you’ve mentioned don’t have any of their GAS, when its implemented you should see some balance within the master types. However gunmaster/fighmaster/AF are still in a very very good position already.

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And for people down here on the bottom, we pay the price for the abuse at the top end. <shrug>

All the balancing is being done at the endgame stages of things, which does nothing for the people playing solo or in the beginning or middle stages of the game except make things take much longer.

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No, I don't.  I am working across 4 characters, though, all L56-57(8-9).  Solo.  (I got tired of attitudes within my first couple of weeks on Clementine)Ideally, I'd like to get back into low 100's, where I had the most fun with PSU : XBox360.  (Hated the Pannon Launcher I won in one event, though).  In order to level, I need to be able to punch above my level;  Best example is Sakura Blast A;  min requirement of L45, mob level of 75+.  Killer shot was one way to do that.  The other, more prosaic way is to level rifle bullets to L31, and autoflinch / SE them, steps I'm already taking.  Make me curse the meseta spent on Megid and the time levelling it and killer shot to L31 (or 3 characters).  Got a nice Halarod for my FT out of it, though.


I'm also not a fan of running event missions continuously.  They get boring fast at the lower levels, despite the easier XP  (I liked MAG and the Winter Festa, though)(part of it is the rather lack luster end box rewards, something I understand is being worked on., but a dozen monomates and some synthesis items?  Yeesh.)


Something else I suspect is something weird is going on with XP;  It appears I get less XP running Sakura Blast A than I do something like Scarred Planet A; (The Diablo series of games do something like this, and it gets bad enough that in the end game for D2:LoD, the only place you can effectively level is in the last 2 levels of the game).  The former would appear to give me more XP, but the mobs are more than 15 levels higher than me.  The latter, the mobs are 5 levels lower, but the progress bar moves more than the former.  It's either that, or the progess bar underneath your health isn't linear in it's progression.  *edit*  The progress bar is non-linear in it's display.  Frustrating UI choice...



Edited by Kryslin
Moar Edits
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So yeah megid and killershot does make the game i guess to one person or so “dull” but to me i love the concept and find it actually fun relying on the chance that it procs. Look at the weapons we have. Their increased chances of procing incap is what made incap used to the extent that it was. (Diopside~Anti android rifle)


Incap is a part of the game and if you dont like it you should just not use it. Once the game wipes there wont be weapons that incap at the rate that they do now - However the high level enemies that were once susceptible to incap are now immune and will be much harder n more tedious to kill.


This game has a very VERY low population so i believe soloer’s priorities should be at the top of the list. 


If you dont like to use incap while soloing then just dont use incap. Id say bring it back. This is a matter of game mechanics that are a part of the game. I feel like people who dont like using incap just dont like feeling inferior in party runs.


Help us solo players please.

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Anyone could have been the only person playing many missions at any time during the entire life of this server. So many missions are not being played so if you wanted to play one of the many many missions ~ you would be the only person in the world playing that mission.


With that concept in mind imagine the difficulty and length to complete that mission being slightly increased by a in-game mechanic that is being withheld. And this in-game mechanic’s removal was dictated by a few players who aren't even online, or have even ran that mission in the entirety of this servers life.


If you ran every single mission solo at a low level consecutively without ever getting a single headache or wish in your heart that it could just be 2-4 minutes faster through trying all methods then good for you, and i can see why you can live without megid and killer shot. But honestly look what it really is, a game that has only 1-2 group parties at the EVENTS most of the time.

Solo playing should have any bit ease to it as it can get.

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Incap was being used 80% of zeta/BBB before AAR was even released.... It’s ONLY used if the HP is too high = which makes it quicker to use incap over damage. Doing routes like LML on kappa or doing lambda proves this, if HP was lower on SV/Zeta/BBB you would never of had this debate, because you would never of used killershot On anything except :

Bal Soza in BBB / Robot block in zeta and (rappy,delnadian,jaggo) if you got a rare spawn. That’s it

This isn’t a game mechanic Or part of  the game in the way you think it is, official and JP was never like that. on official you just wouldn’t use killershot on things that aren’t on that list (delnadian/Delphi’s need added)

I’d argue that using incap gives a player no reason to improve on their gameplay and if they want to complete missions faster they should have some play time behind them picking up techniques/skills on how to do so, not just be able to killershot their way through the mission. Gunmaster didn’t even have the buffs on official like it does here, the laser/shotgun is very strong now, <- that doesn’t just apply to endgame , put the rifle down lol.

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There is nobody playing 90% of the game, 100% of the time of this server’s life. So generally speaking soloing should be able to utilize any technique to help with runs in any way possible.

you cant deny that there has never been more than 20 people in a lobby at one time through the life of this server. 


Dont get me wrong after final wipe you will see more people for a small while but very low population is what the game has been for the years clementine has been operational.

anything that could improve the QOL of soloers is important. The guys at the bottom are the ones who are the key to keeping the game alive in the first place.

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We'll take an example - We'll take a squishy guntecher, running at just about equal level with the mobs, in Military Subway A (Outside of White Beast and a couple other missions, probably the best mission point run in the game w/o a boss).  Most of the enemies here are bullet resistant, and by straight damage, even with buffs, it takes 40 minutes to complete a run of 5 blocks, longer if you're not a cast or beast.  I'd prefer that the game not be made much easier than it already is, or much more difficult (but some of that isn't the server crew's fault - Why do people think they can sell a 2* handgun for 1M Meseta?) than it is.  However, since the game is designed around party play - and the chances of finding parties is low (especially a party that doesn't kick you immediately out, cussing at you while doing so is low),  The game is a slog up until L100 or so.  All you can do is stay the course, and hopefully don't die of boredom before you get to the point where the game begins to be interesting again.

As a solo player, you earn every single one of your levels from 25 to 100+.  You learn the pain of a barrage of megid coming at you, with some barta on the side, being swarmed by mobs who close faster than you can kill them.  With Clementine, there's the additional pain of a lack of scape dolls.  I'm back to hiding around corners, just out of range of any casters in the mobs, and simply gunning from cover.  It's a slow and tedious way of playing the game, but I don't get killed.  I managed to survive Scorched Valley C with a solo Fortetecher, completed the damn thing, but it wasn't fun, hence why I'm not playing it, at all.

Soloing will be a little easier when AI players come online.  It will make leveling buffs easier, and having item synthing will hopefully even out the player market place.  However, until that happens, the solo player needs every advantage they can get, which includes incapacitate - otherwise, the 72 hours I spent leveling Killer Shot(L31+) and Megid(L31+) across 3 characters could have been spent elsewhere.  If it was possible, I'd say add the old elements from PSO that would drain XP with every hit. for solo players, but that's not possible.

I realize I'm not going to win the argument, but I am voicing my disagreement with the decision to arbitrarily nerf a function of the game that I use to make my progress potentially take less time (prior to 15 Dec, about 1/6th less time).  I'm also disagreeing with the focus on balancing out the end game, instead of balancing out the entire game.  For instance, Incap. being a problem at the higher levels?  Lower the chance of it taking affect at those levels of play, based on type and character levels, and how often it's being cast.  Or, make it function 1 in so many uses at those levels, etc.

I wish you all a happy holidays, and hopefully see you online after Christmas.


Edited by Kryslin
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I also want to point out that with the removal of incap on SV made the run even longer than what it was before even with the HP update. SV was already tedious and a headache before and now even more so.

Nobody is going to run SV unless you are apart of the OP epd MF meta.


Now SV is even longer than what it was before. A S4 run that felt way too long at 14-16 minutes has now became a 22 minute run even though there was an epd in the party aswell.


Im sorry to say but this update ruined SV.


On top of that I was hoping A rank clear boxes would be fixed but I guess not since its not in patch notes.

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Im curious what kind of GAS upgrades would make any of the masterclasses equivalent to MF? 

MF can hit 20k twice in one hit making the hit 40k

One way i can see classes being made equivalent was to revert FM nerf and/or possibly give FM knuckles

GM can have incap so that they can hit 40k too, since most of the monster’s health is equivalent to 40k anyways.


If i was the only one with these ideas then i wouldnt be be voicing these opinions. But from a collective opinion of others is where I form and post these opinions since im the only one of my groups who even posts to forums im being told to bring these questions and propositions forward.

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