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PSO2 on PS4


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Hi there,

Yesterday i was creating  a JPN PS4 Account for testing PSO2. Now i´m downloading it and i have some Questions. Hope someone of u can help me.

1) Can i Play PSO2 after downloading it with my other non JPN PSN Account.

2) Can i delete the Game normal like my other Games if i don´t want to Play it anymore?

3) Is there any Chance to Change the Text Language of my JPN Account into German/English (current Console Setting is German which also is the Language of my Main PSN Account)? 

Thanks a lot for helping me. Have a nice Day 🙂


P.S. If anyone wants to Play PSO2 with me send some Friend invitation to Sathendia (My PSN Name)


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Might be late, but...

1. Yes. You can use your non JP PSN ID. I used my non JP PSN ID to play it.

2. Yes. You can delete the game, like your other games, if you no longer wish to continue playing it. It'll be in your JP PSN account's library in case you feel like revisiting.

3. Nope, last I seen. It's completely Japanese and will remain that way, even if your system language is English.

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