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Thinking It's Time To End My RP's On PSU and Close It

Jessica Stark

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So i've been thinking, it's been a while since i updated you guys. November 10th was my last post, and i have not been on the game since that day. I got on today and... i hung out on the 5th floor as my main PSU/RP Character Jessica Stark... and i watched as all the other users went about doing what they love to do in the game... Missions, talking and what not... and i felt that, i think it's really only the feeling of nostalgia that brings me back to PSU every now and then.

And i think that seeing as most of my RP characters are gone and only Jessica Stark remains... i'm considering closing her story and stopping. Now this does not mean i am leaving PSU for good... It just means i won't be writing anything about my Characters anymore, and i wanna say that: i'm happy that some of you consider me the Fanfiction writer of PSU... but, what i write arnt really FanFictions, they are backstories and continue story arcs of my PSU Characters and what i did with them day after day... but i do see where you get the idea...

i plan on ending Jessica Stark's Story after Christmas, and once that's done its more than likely that you won't see her in game anymore... unless someone else makes her and goes around as her... and once that's done, i will be moving around PSU as someone new, which i will inform you of course so that you know who i am. It's been fun sharing my character's Stories and what they did on PSU with the people that enjoyed seeing them... it just took a while for everyone else to adjust and allow me to carry on... i'm sorry for those who will miss them, thank you for the support ^W^ enjoy the rest of 2019 x

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