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Found 2 results

  1. Good day everyone, I really need to report that. I had 87/300 items in my storage on my partner machine and everything in it is not there anymore, nothing. Not even one thing I had. I had some weak synth. items in my storage, and some grinder A and S bases (7 A bases, 12 S bases). I lost Te / TECH PP Save, my Halarod, my fourth Gaozoran Rod, my 4 Shato's, my third Uransara Wand, my 4 Promoto Pit, all of my clothes (things like the Sarisa Replica and Karren Replica). Now I'm really sad about that, because I spend a lot of time there to get all thies things, but now everything is away. I hope you can fix that ...
  2. Currently, NPC items are pretty costly in my opinion. For example, a Jitseen (7-star Saber) on PSUPedia as 90000 meseta, but in the NPC shops it is sold for four times the price (360000). Rayharods (3-star Rods) are 8000 when PSUPedia states 2000. A Lidra (8-star Wand) from a NPC shop is a whopping 660000 versus a much more reasonable 165000. Weapons are needed to help players upgrade themselves; they shouldn't be considered money sinks. Player Shops don't necessarily always have the weapons people want to buy and shouldn't be used as the method people are basically forced to use and get lucky with at lower levels. Prices should not be treated as if players are making 1 or 2 million meseta a day, especially for players in the lower levels. I think the NPC weapons should not be the PSUPedia's price multiplied by four; weapons should be bought and sold for the PSUPedia prices listed. Moving a little away from weapons, I also do not think PAs should be near 2 million for any of them. Moreover, I feel that Open Shop (the remodeling ticket used for a player to participate in Player Shops) should not bought from NPCs at a price (1 hundred-thousand meseta) that is ~6.7 times the PSUPedia buy price---especially if people want to gear this game more and more towards a player-based economy.
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