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Found 4 results

  1. I've been gone for awhile and haven't kept up with all the changes that Clementine has made from the OG servers. Asking some of the community, it seems that Acrotecher may no longer be the best class to pick for support. Is this really true? Here's the stats for reference: Which do you think is the best support class at this time and why? Maybe the better question would be, which of these classes would you prefer to see in your parties? If you're interested in my analysis, read further, otherwise please post your thoughts! l---------------------~~---------------------l Acrotecher Pros+Cons + Top level buffs (50+range) + Attack+Tech speed bonus (120%) + Whips (which can SE) + Better DFP/EVP/MST - Low attack PA cap (20 skill) - Worse ATP/ATA/TP - No long range weapon Guntecher Pros+Cons + Better attack PA caps (40 bullet) + Better ATP/ATP/TP + Long range options + Multiple status effect PAs + Killer Shot - Lower level buffs (40) - No attack/tech speed bonus Buff stats: Spose I might be siding with Guntecher as the best at this point in time. I just don't see how a 20% speed boost can out damage level 40 bullets which can also SE way more than techs or whips can. Sure, Acrotecher is much tankier, however how often is this necessary? Yes, I saw that level 50 buffs have a wider range, but level 40 buffs have a very wide range already, and if you don't catch something the first time... just cast it again... Don't even get me started on Resta / Reverser when stars+sols can be used by ANYONE.
  2. I've followed this guide perfectly: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/18882-xbox-360xbox-one-controller-setup-restore-triggersvibration/ But it still doesn't work in-game. I've tested it on XinputPlus and it recognizes the controller inputs. I've correctly set it up in-game (going to system and changing the control scheme to controller, from keyboard) and in the launcher. Still isn't working. I've restarted a few times, and yeah... I'm at a loss. lol It worked a long time ago when I first tried out clementine, not sure if I'm missing something or not. https://imgur.com/O9xqNfi Thanks in advance!
  3. Our goal is to make as much of the original game accessible to the community as possible, but in some cases it may be extremely difficult to fix or re-implement a game feature due to missing data. In these cases we try our best to provide alternative solutions so that important game mechanics aren't lost forever. It's possible that some core game mechanics will not return for a long time. This includes story missions, event missions, and some features such as GAS, GBR, etc.
  4. No. Clementine does not currently support, or plan to support the base version of Phantasy Star Universe™. Only Version 14.30 (JP) is supported by Clementine at this time.
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