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  1. While playing through Sakura Blast A, I've noticed something a little off. The player model manages to keep it's center point within the playable area of the map, whereas mobs do not. It appears that while the player's position is offset from the edge of the map, the mob's position is not. If this were a Quake/HalfLife game, I'd say the mobs were ignoring the collision hull of the map. So, my suggestion would be : Is it possible to offset a mob's position so that it is always in the playable field of a map? I mean, if a mob gets withing X units of the edge of the map, it can't go any closer to the edge? This would definitely keep the mobs within the world, keep their drops in the playable area, might solve a couple of annoying issues (monsters shooting at you through solid walls, for instance), and maybe make the game a little harder as the mob's might not be getting stuck on corners as often, or at all... I don't know how collisions with environment is handled within the game, though the maps are very 2-D in layout, leading to simplified AI navigation and collision detection. It may be too expensive, time wise, to compute distance to edge for every non-boss mob during play, but I thought I'd throw this out there.
  2. Would it be possible to have the chances of a rare missions appearing, be linked to a characters level, instead of a flat percentage per run? On the 24/08 Marm posted fixed rates for the rare missions appearing in the discord announcement channel. Fixed an issue with rare missions being haha. Rates are now a fixed percent across difficulties. -C: 0.75% - B: 1.0% - A: 2.0% - S: 3.0% - S2: 4.0% - S3: 4.5% - S4: 5.0% But wouldn't this adversely affect the lower rank items from the rare missions? As people would get the lower missions more rarely, and people won't want to do an A run, when they're the level for an S. Instead, I'm suggesting that the rates be tied to a characters level, so players who're levelling on new or alt characters, have the same chance to get one, as people spamming the S4's. It might work something like this (all of this can change, but just to give a general overview) Level 1 -19: -C: 5% Level 20 - 45: -C: 3% - B: 5% Level 46 -75: -C: 1.5% - B: 3% - A: 5% Level 76 - 100: -C: 0.75% - B: 1.5% - A: 3% - S: 5% Level 101 - 120: -C: 0.5% - B: 0.75% - A: 1.5% - S: 3% - S2: 5% Level 121 - 140: -C: 0.25% - B: 0.5% - A: 0.75% - S: 1.5% - S2: 3% - S3: 5% Level 140+: -C: 0% - B: 0.25% - A: 0.5% - S: 0.75% - S2: 1.5% - S3: 3% - S4: 5% Or it could even build up to those rates that Marm posted at 140+ -C: 0.75% - B: 1% - A: 2% - S: 3% - S2: 4% - S3: 4.5% - S4: 5% Having a system like this would stop people from spamming the lower level missions to try and get rares, while at the same time allowing people to play them as they progress through the game. This also wouldn't adversely affect the market for some of the items from the lower missions, like a flat low percentage would. Obviously all the rates can change and such, if an idea like this is even possible.
  3. Would allowing FT to have S rank mags break the balance too much? Would love to be able to use Kakwane Madoog, sadly none of the A rank mags are green haha I only ever see MF or AT players, so maybe this would help with the techer class diversity? Would love to hear some thoughts/feeback about this, thanks!!
  4. Hello Personally I think that getting rares should be hidden from others to see. This would solve problems for many people since I tend to save my rares for my friends.
  5. Currently, NPC items are pretty costly in my opinion. For example, a Jitseen (7-star Saber) on PSUPedia as 90000 meseta, but in the NPC shops it is sold for four times the price (360000). Rayharods (3-star Rods) are 8000 when PSUPedia states 2000. A Lidra (8-star Wand) from a NPC shop is a whopping 660000 versus a much more reasonable 165000. Weapons are needed to help players upgrade themselves; they shouldn't be considered money sinks. Player Shops don't necessarily always have the weapons people want to buy and shouldn't be used as the method people are basically forced to use and get lucky with at lower levels. Prices should not be treated as if players are making 1 or 2 million meseta a day, especially for players in the lower levels. I think the NPC weapons should not be the PSUPedia's price multiplied by four; weapons should be bought and sold for the PSUPedia prices listed. Moving a little away from weapons, I also do not think PAs should be near 2 million for any of them. Moreover, I feel that Open Shop (the remodeling ticket used for a player to participate in Player Shops) should not bought from NPCs at a price (1 hundred-thousand meseta) that is ~6.7 times the PSUPedia buy price---especially if people want to gear this game more and more towards a player-based economy.
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