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  1. Tired of NPC shops charging you four times the cost of what a weapon used to be? Looking for various low leveled gear you just can't seem to find in other players' Player Shops because they just vendor everything? Wanna get your hands on some line shields or units for, say, maybe as low as 10 percent of what it costs in the current NPC shops? Search for "Díavala" (no quotation marks) when you search for a shop and search by name! I'm here to try and serve the community's economic needs! Try and drop by fast, since a lot of these items are selling really quick! I may also start branching out even further and selling items, such as Monomates or Moon Atomizer Xs depending on how successful this shop goes. Let me know what you think! Oh, and be sure to vote on what you feel about my prices! If you are have trouble typing out the accented i, hold down Alt & type 0237 on the num. pad and then let go of the Alt key; that's how ya get the near little í! Oh, and the D4C stands for Dirty Dings Dealt Dirt Cheap.
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